Lexus Magazine: 2013 Lexus LX 570 Changes

2013 Lexus LX 570For my latest column in Lexus Magazine, I talk with Paul Williamsen of Lexus College about some new features of the restyled 2013 LX 570.

Also included are some photos I took of the SUV at the Detroit auto show, which may fall under “better late than never” category.

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  1. Lexus. Please just read this:
    • Great article.....hoping LEXUS can set the competition to their knees again like it was 1989 all over again......I have faith in the future....the sad part about this article is that they fail to say:   The market just caught up to LEXUS,so know it needs to reinvent the automoble and make a crash like they did before. LEXUS has the resources, brains and technology to do it all over again. I am a firm believer that LEXUS can be the automoble that the wealthiest and most sphisticated drivers want and will purchase all over the globe. It will happen.
    • What brought Lexus to power is Japan's culture. I hope Japan's culture isn't also holding Lexus back. Japanese have always liked America, and they have look down upon other Asian countries. They don't want to see Korea as a threat, and with the stricter culture in Korea, they're catching on quite quickly (Their products are still terrible, but some consumers don't seem to mind, particularly those who won't mind if a TV lasts only a year because a new one will come out soon). Also, everything is so much easier now with the help of modern technology. Just about anything can be easily mimicked, even the practicality, intuitiveness, and reliability. Finally, I am adamant that the current Lexus products aren't as good as those from a decade ago. There's so many squeaks and rattles in my new ES 350! The 1998 LS 400 that has taken a lot of abuse from me has been virtually indestructible - no squeaks, no rattles with great sound insulation, an effortless drive, etc! The little pieces of wood trim in the ES aren't even, and there's a little misalignment of the right doors (can be seen on all current generation ES). My 2003 LX 470 is alright. Its interior has taken quite a beating from two, little kids, and the Mark Levinson stereo might be awesome, but I blasted them too much, which ended the speakers' life almost immediately. In the end, my LS 400 is just awesome. The LX and ES... not so much (the ES being the worst).
  2. I like the made a substanial difference to the the overall vehicle presence. The front end especially....the front spindle grill and air scoop is very nice.....I am imagining that the LS will borrow from all of these new refreshed and next generation styles.....Looks so much better and worthy of the price....keep it up LEXUS !
  3. I have stated this many times before and i will say it again ... where is the diesel LX ?? The twin-turbocharged 4.5 V8 diesel as found in the 200 Series Landcruiser really should be in the LX particuarly in European and Australian where diesel 4WD's are predominately preferred then a petrol derivative. LX450d ... !! Other then that, i really like the facelifted LX - looks good.
    • I agree.I was researching that engine last week & that is one of the most over engineered pieces of eye candy I have ever seen for a diesel engine.Simply gorgeous!I seem to remember the 200 series Land Cruiser being offered on the Toyota USA website(the Land Cruiser hasn't been offered in Canada since the early-mid 90's)but I can no longer find information that supports this.Wikipedia also states that some examples of the current gen. LX(200 series)were offered with this diesel eng. option when the LX first became available.
    • I totally agree - Even more so.... to differentiate, The LX should be available with a 5.0 V8 Diesel for the lexus (A stretched Toyota 4.5 Diesel). LX500d
    • Lexus should source a 6-cylinder diesel from BMW for the LX. Just saying...
    • I really wish that they could -- unfortunately, the agreement is for Toyota-only. :-(
  4. Sorry about my spelling mistakes above ... should read  -  "particuarly in Europe and Australia"  not  "European and Australian" Cheers     
  5. Just a minor refresh wonder why didn't they tweak the handling, engine, and mpg for this car.