Insights from a Lexus Insider: Karl Schlicht on the New Lexus Design

Lexus New Design Karl Schlicht

The following is a message from Karl Schlicht, General Manager of Global Lexus Product & Marketing Planning, who will be addressing Lexus Enthusiast readers directly from time to time.

I would like to thank all of the Lexus enthusiasts that responded to the LF-LC questions I posed two weeks ago.

We have read and shared every single one of your comments, and your responses were (frankly) no surprise to us here at Lexus HQ — you want us to find a way to get something like the LF-LC and other coupes into our lineup. I can’t promise anything as you read this, but we are as excited as you are! In fact, we are working on many new projects here, and the hardest part is making choices — design X vs Y and model A vs B.

I recently had an interview in Detroit where a journalist thought our Spindle Grille was a mistake. While this was a rare comment among many that believe we are heading in the right direction, I told him (politely, I hope) that it’s good there are people that don’t like our design – because good design will split opinion, and it will make you love something instead of just being OK with it.

Lexus GS in Obsidian

For too long, Lexus designs were nice and normal — we want to create a stronger emotion for our customers, especially enthusiasts like you. Starting with the new GS, we have reduced the number of people judging Lexus designs, because we believe that to make great designs, the fewer people involved in the process, the better.

Lexus is making some bolder moves in design, introducing striking new interiors, and making big changes in the driving character (or feel) — we hope you like where we are heading, and I will continue to check this great site out to see what you are all saying!

Karl Schlicht is in charge of the Lexus worldwide product and marketing planning division, which was formed two years ago to help guide the brand globally.