Motor Trend Reviews the 2013 Lexus GS 350 F Sport

Lexus GS 350 F SportMotor Trend has posted their first drive review of the 2013 Lexus GS 350 F SPORT, and despite the continual references to Darth Vader and Star Wars, it’s a generally positive affair — particularly when it comes to the driving experience.

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  1. I wish Lexus didn't tone down the LF-Gh that much, but it probably would've been too soon. At least this grille is a design. Audi's is just a big hole, and everyone seems to love that. Mercedes-Benz is now doing a snout that reminds me of the big noses on recent Toyota's. BMW's has its Charlie Chaplin grille that first showed up in 1931. (; The thing is, despite these criticisms, I love big grille's. I want people to know that I'm driving a Lexus!
  2. The F-sport front is so bloody ugly compared with the standard GS!
  3. Another craptastic piece from BMW… I mean Motor Trend. Reminds me of just about all of their Toyota/Lexus articles, different words same concept.   They cannot ignore the good parts of the car so as not to show their hand. So they will always counter something good they say with a snide remark, or something to take away from the good thing they just said. "5 seconds is brisk, not sizzling" I have never seen them say this about any other 5.5 second car. Etc...   This is called passive aggression; they can still get away with making the car look "bad" by subtly using sarcasm and names like Darth Vader etc.... Do they ever do this when reviewing BMW or Mercedes? No.   I haven't driven the new GS, but have read many reviews. I can almost guarantee that this car is probably a lot "sportier" than the current fat and bloated 5 series. BMW has lost its “sporting” edge; their cars are just overweight now and overpowered to try to make up for it. I also like this design, even though I have not seen it in person yet. Compared to the 5 series which looks soft, and virtually like every other 5 series or BMW.   Lexus has now addressed the concerns of not being sporty enough, the one thing they could get Lexus on in the past. The other thing was boring design. Lexus has corrected this also. The interior of this car is also stunning, by itself, and compared to the other cars in its segment. The car is also cheaper than its tier 1 counterparts. So tell me, why do they find it necessary, being an objective car journal, to make the last words of the article for the new GS, “This F Sport is a large Lexus sedan claiming to burn up backroads like a 5 Series BMW. It does a remarkably good job of it. But it also asks buyers who are naturally in the BMW camp to write a Lexus check. That may not be so easy.” These last words, THEY leave you with, sum up my point. Again they state that the car is doing “remarkably good” job of what? Being a BMW? And for “Buyers who are “naturally” in the BMW camp, not finding it easy to write a “Lexus” check. Why? Why don’t they state reasons for that assumption, they had all of the artistic and legitimate license in the world to state concrete reasons. But they couldn't this time and just flat out make a subjective claim. I will tell you why, they wanted who ever read the article to ignorantly leave with that point, on purpose. And we are just supposed to go along with it, okay. Sorry, this is just another BS non-objective article from Motor Trend. I have been reading them for years. They always review Lexus vehicles like this. They minimize good points, and find some way just say BMW is just “better”. Even when the Lexus vehicle IMHO is clearly better this time. Before it was not always so clear. Before they had some areas they could definitely focus in on to give credence to their subjectivity, but now not so much and they are still doing it. I just compare this to a typical BMW review, in which they underscore or do not even mention crucial dynamic weakness such as weight, price/value, design or reliability. Gushing praise on aspects that are just average at best. And I have never seen them end an article from BMW telling people indirectly that their dollars should go away from the vehicle they just reviewed. Just saying..... And I like BMWs, but I can read between the lines when certain publications are in the "tank" and not fair and objective with reviews for one brand against another. Motor Trend is definitely one of them, so read all their Toyota/Lexus articles with a discerning eye and take it with a grain of salt. Thats about how much they are worth to a true car fan.
  4. As I said on MT, this car now is probably the best handler in this class, and there is NO reason to get a E350 over the new GS, unless you have a Mercedes fetish, and want to pay an extra $3k for it. The 535i is an extra $5k, and won't handle this good. BD
    • Nobody buys these cars for handling purposes. These are cars designed for comfort and cruising, not weekend track driving. I find it idiotic how magazines literally are telling brands to make their cars sportier for their own pleasure, while 95% of buyers out there want something smooth and comfortable. Let's face it - all cars in this class have competent handling. You can drive them in a sporty fashion and they'll all cope wonderfully. Some will handle better at the limit than others, big deal. I have an '11 E350 convertible and it handles wonderfully. Most reviews will tell you that the car feels soft - not true. It's comfortable and also handles well. Is it a track car? No. But I also didn't buy it to abuse it on the track. And there are many reasons to get a 5er or E class over the new GS and vice versa. People buy cars for different reasons.
    • Simple reasons people get 5er & E-Class ... the brand . :)
    • I bought my E350 convertible because I liked the design first and foremost, the quality or workmanship and because I've had good experiences with all my past Benzes. I trust the brand. I also have an '09 Lexus LS460.
  5. Lexus LVR.  I agree with you totally.  I have owned 3 lexus' and before I bought the 3rd I went and test drove an X5.  I went away laughing because it was louder and rougher then my 2500 dodge truck.   But the salesman was digging the "hugging of the road" and feeling of rubber on pavement.  Uhhm.. I can get that in my truck, I want to run over a pot hole without knowing it and go 0-60 in 7 sec without hearing my RPM go above 3.  I would think motor trend is like Fox news.   At the beginning there was a need for another publisher to take the opposite side because consumer reports, as well as many others were all over lexus, so they felt they had to stick up for other brands, and by doing it, now they will just take the opposite view no matter what even if they really think lexus did make an incredible car.
    • My main problem with car magazines is that all cars they review automatically get tested for their sporting qualities. You could give them a Kia Sedona or Toyota Sienna and they'll automatically bring it to a track and complain about their handling compared to the Porsche Boxster they just drove a few minutes earlier. Yes, the standard of automotive journalism has reached a new low. I don't pay attention to ANY car magazine and what they have to say. I make the effort to go out and actually drive the cars I am interested in and then decide which car suits me best. Magazines will select a winner based on the numbers. Things like how fast they reach 60 are completely irrelevant to me since all luxury cars sold in the US are fast. I make no distinction between a 0-60 time of six seconds and seven seconds. It's irrelevant to me and literally 95% of consumers out there.
  6. I have not paid any attention to Motor Trend since they wrote that rank article on the LFA when everyone else had nothing but praise.The few words that I do see pop up from Motor Trend in search engines lately though seem to suggest that they're either trying to redeem them selves when they review Lexus & Toyota products or they just don't want to risk looking so stupid again.Either way,the damage is already done & they have lost my respect for ever!
  7. MT said the Passat is better than the new Camry?  And they said it 3 times! So they are pretty desperate to go against the grain and be counter-culture.  If they sense you building heat, they will come and p--- right on it. The People are so impressed with MT's pick, that they've bought less than 18k Passats in the last 3 months. What Camry sells in 3 weeks, Passat sells in 3 months.  It's that good! BD
  8. Llo

    Yeah all German brands are overhyped pieces of ****