New Information on the Lexus LF-LC Concept

Lexus LF-LC in full effect

After accidentally leaking a video of the Lexus LF-LC concept weeks before its scheduled reveal at the Detroit Auto Show, Road & Track has followed up with an exclusive pre-show feature about the Lexus concept, with early photos and details — first off, a couple more photos:

Lexus LF-LC in Motion
Lexus LF-LC Top Down

The article focuses on Calty Design Research, the Toyota design studio responsible for the LF-LC design:

Kevin Hunter, president of Calty Design Research, noted that they were given a clean sheet of paper to design the LFLC. The mission was to come up with a new 2+2 hybrid coupe concept to redefine Lexus’ future design language. Only a few written attributes were given as criteria: avant-garde beauty, originality, driving joy and unequaled technology.

The work on the LF-LC began in May 2010. As with any car design, the folks at Calty looked for inspiration. And they found it in nature, in the form of a tree leaf for its complex shape but also its flexibility to be sculpted into various flowing forms.

Also included is a selection of design sketches from Edward Lee, one of the chief exterior designers:

Last but not least, there are some photos of the interior, including this astounding photo of the LF-LC’s instrument panel:

Lexus LF-LC Instrument Panel
Lexus LF-LC Interior

With all the buzz at the end of last year, there was certainly a feeling that the LF-LC was going to be something special, but this is absolutely extraordinary — head over to Road & Track to get the full story and check out all the photos, and I’ll waiting here trying to catch my breath.

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