No Plans for BMW-Powered Diesel Lexus in Europe

Lexus Hybrid Badge

Last week, when BMW & Toyota announced a technology partnership to develop next-generation lithium-ion batteries together, a key part of the deal was that BMW would begin supplying diesel engines for Toyota vehicles in Europe.

Naturally, this led to some speculation that there may be a BMW-powered diesel Lexus at some point in the future, so yesterday I asked Lexus Europe’s PR Manager, Etienne Plas, about the possibility — here’s what he had to say:

We have no such plans. The agreement with BMW does not include any supply of BMW engines to Lexus.

In general, our vision is to expand the line-up of Lexus hybrid vehicles, which we believe is a strong differentiating element for Lexus globally and in Europe, combining superior driving performance and lower environmental impact.

With distributors in Norway and Sweden discontinuing the sale of the diesel Lexus IS, and the move to an all-hybrid lineup across Europe, there was very little chance that the Toyota-BMW partnership would lead to a diesel Lexus — and now we know for sure.

(Thanks Etienne!)