No Plans for BMW-Powered Diesel Lexus in Europe

Lexus Hybrid Badge

Last week, when BMW & Toyota announced a technology partnership to develop next-generation lithium-ion batteries together, a key part of the deal was that BMW would begin supplying diesel engines for Toyota vehicles in Europe.

Naturally, this led to some speculation that there may be a BMW-powered diesel Lexus at some point in the future, so yesterday I asked Lexus Europe’s PR Manager, Etienne Plas, about the possibility — here’s what he had to say:

We have no such plans. The agreement with BMW does not include any supply of BMW engines to Lexus.

In general, our vision is to expand the line-up of Lexus hybrid vehicles, which we believe is a strong differentiating element for Lexus globally and in Europe, combining superior driving performance and lower environmental impact.

With distributors in Norway and Sweden discontinuing the sale of the diesel Lexus IS, and the move to an all-hybrid lineup across Europe, there was very little chance that the Toyota-BMW partnership would lead to a diesel Lexus — and now we know for sure.

(Thanks Etienne!)


  1. That's very bad ... to me , because it seems like all Advantage is on BMW .
  2. Looks like Lexus is only moving forward, and will bet the farm on hybrid-only That takes maracas! Most companies would take the easy way out, and grab the short money. I guess Lexus is only looking to gain economies of scale? BMW doesn't seem to have anything else to offer in return..... BD
  3. I'm rather relieved, but competitions-wise, this is a drawback.
  4. Someday I may ask you for a favor. This day may never come. But if it does, I hope you will respond in.........true friendship....... BD
  5. The big issue for diesel engines in Europe is the forthcoming Euro 6 emissions standards which come in January 2015.  This calls for NOX of diesel cars to fall from a maximum 180g to 80g.  This is a huge problem as only so called "clean" diesel engines that use additives like Ad-Blue can currently achieve these levels. If Toyota is to continue to compete in the mainstream company car market with models like the Avensis they would have to have such an engine and you can well see why they decided to do a deal with another manufacturer for this rather than develop their own. More reading - Petrol cars meet this limit far more easily.  The Mercedes S350 Bluetec diesel puts out approx 65g NOX (which is comfortably within the Euro 6 80g limit).  But the LS600h puts out just 20g, the current GS450h just 6g.  These Lexus hybrids are still far cleaner air quality wise.
    • But Hybrid have issue on Battery ... that's my biggest fear , also what most of Asian fear , we have a LOT of Battery power thing in our life & we know a Battery will died in some years & it's pretty difficult to solve Battery rubbish . I do hope Lexus/Toyota can solve this issue too .
    • This is an urban myth with the Toyota / Lexus hybrid system.  Prius cars have done 200,000 or even 300,000 miles without problems.
    • Hence it have to travel along the world to made just the Hybrid system ... it do pollution before put together , I like Hybrid system in Toyota but I've to admit it have that issue .
  6. Joe

    Next to the Euro 6 regulations (perfectly explained by Wooski): diesel prices in Europe are going upwards and will be more expensive than petrol in most countries by 2015.  The real competitive advantage for Lexus is still to come... :-)
  7. Lexus should stick to hybrid technology. It is superior, especially for a premium vehicle where NVH level of a diesel engine is simply unacceptable. 
  8. I hate anything that has to do with BMW, I already hate most their drivers like many do. Why Toyota! why!!
  9. F1

    Like I mentioned before, this deal benefits BMW the most as BMW is gonna have access to Toyota's Hybrid technology which is heavily patented etc.. Diesels are not gonna last long and BMW knows this hence why they struck this deal with Toyota to provide them with their hybrid technology.. Toyota is at a loss, who cares if they manage to sell a few more diesel powered avensis or whatever they're called in Europe for such a limited time before diesel is absolute.. All this means is that BMW gets free access to Toyotas Hybrid Technology and Toyota lose out and gain absolutely nothing from this deal..
    • Seriously, get real. Diesels are here to stay. Manufacturers aren't sitting around waiting for the next emission rules to come up so that they can fail them. They're working on bettering their technology. Both BMW and Toyota (Lexus) will benefit from this deal. Toyota lacks competitive diesels in Europe. The market demands diesels. Toyota is saving on development costs by buying diesels from another manufacturer known for superior motor engineering. Toyota and BMW both evaluated each other (in secret) before entering this deal. Toyota apparently thinks that BMW diesels are perfect for them and BMW knows that Toyota is one of the leaders in hybrid technology. It's a win-win for both. If Lexus had a successful diesel car lineup in Europe you wouldn't be spouting this nonsense. Diesels are here to stay and they can only get better. It's called advancement of technology.
    • F1

      Europe is in decline anyway, so it doesn't really matter for Lexus to become #1, not that they ever will anyway.. You know why BMW wants hybrid? They want it because of USA, they know in order to be successful in USA for the future that they will need the Hybrid technology, and Toyota has the best Hybrid technology in the business.. Why do you think also Ford made a similar deal with Toyota not too long ago for them to share and develop Hybrid Technology together? Because they know that the future is Hybrid anyway.. Diesel engines are only popular in Europe, do you think Toyota really want the diesel engines as much as BMW want Toyota/Lexus Hybrid Technology? And since new EU regulations are arriving which favors Hybrid instead of diesel and so BMW has taken appropriate action, to secure the Hybrid technology ASAP..
  10. It is superior, especially for a premium vehicle where NVH level of a diesel engine is simply unacceptable.
  11. The real competitive advantage for Lexus is still to come...
  12. I wouldn't have thought that such close rivals would be working together! car service