Lexus Norway Drops Diesel

Lexus IS 200d

With hybrids making up 90% of all Lexus sales in Norway, the local Lexus office has made the decision to discontinue the sale of diesels, effective immediately.

Admittedly, with only the IS 200d available, this is not a move expected to hurt the bottom line — not only have both diesel & conventional gasoline Lexus models have been special order in Norway for some time, hybrid-powered vehicles also enjoy a 50% tax reduction in the country.

This move makes Lexus Norway the first distributor in the EU to abandon diesel, though it won’t be the last — Lexus Sweden is expected to be next, going diesel-free in January 2012.

[Source: Hegnar Online & Club Lexus] (Thanks Pond!)


  1. ahaha Looks like all the government stuff are working out.
  2. Great Great Great! Fuck the diesel!
  3. Why don't Lexus bring Diesel Lexus to South East Asia ? I'm sure we can turn it into racing beast with Diesel !
    • Don't see it happening -- Lexus & diesel are done.
    • Well ... too bad on that then , because we have much advantage on Diesel than Hybrid , and Hybrid doesn't really sell well on South East Asia as well . At least Toyota keep Diesel here , which meant we can keep the fun going !
  4. Fo1

    Yeah well diesel is going to go anyway.. Hybrid is the future
  5. I hear that the UK will follow before the summer.
  6. Guys I had one of these for three years, and... it was rubbish. Chose an IS250 instead and have never looked back despite the hefty tax bill.
  7. If you are 8 years old, turn the picture upside down, read out loud you will chuckle.