Video: Naked Lexus LFA Bares All

The Tokyo Motor Show wasn’t the first appearance for the “naked” LFA that Lexus had on display — the stripped down supercar made its debut at a LFA owners event at the Nürburgring earlier this year, and here it is revving its engine for all to see:

I’m going to stop here before I take this “naked” theme too far.


  1. Would this LFA cheaper ? XD
  2. IT RUNS?! Better than an Ariel Atom!!! OMGOMGOMG!!!
  3. Those air intakes on the rear quarter are amazing BD
  4. Really great! Great auto made!
  5. That amazing,high revving engine doesn't even move when being revved from 0-9000 RPM in 0.6 seconds...not even a miniscule amount.How's that for balance!!!
  6. Just curious guys,what happened to the LFA Tokyo Edition that was supposed to be at the Tokyo Motor Show?Was it the NR Edition that was there,was it just a false rumour or was it scrapped because of economics? 
  7. Where can I buy the shell lol...
  8. F1

    The sound is just awesome