TTAC Interviews Lexus LFA Chief Engineer

Lexus LFA NakedBertel Schmitt from TTAC spent some time at the Tokyo Motor Show with Lexus LFA Chief Engineer Haruhiko Tanahashi, and came away with some great insight on how the LFA will influence the brand.

(You also have to check out the photos of an LFA completely stripped of body panels!)

TTAC Interview with the LFA Chief Engineer


  1. AWESOME AWESOME! Love reading these things! If only I could have some time with these guys!
  2. Tanahashi hinted there will be another attempt for the Lexus LFA to beat 7:12. He said Akira Iida believe he can beat 7:12 in the LFA, which means something might happen next summer.
    • I saw that comment aswell. I have watched that lap many times and to be honest in places especially the mid to high speed corners I think the car is understeering alot its the first thing I noticed.The fact is him being the driver he is just drove through it. As above and I mentioned this in the original 7.14 lap comment bit I think he's left 2-3 seconds out thereat the time it was just a personal opinion as I do a bit of track driving myself I find it now the Iida has come out and said 7.12 is a possibility quite gratifying.
    • Yeah, Chris Harris wrote about it in his review. Apparently, even the Nurburgring edition LFA tires are not track oriented enough as after 2 - 3 laps, they start getting greasy and they lose their stickiness. Lexus dropped the ball on tires big time as no exotic supercar uses subpar Bridgestone tires except LFA and the standard LFA should have proper high-grip tires (which it does not) and the Nurburgring edition should have full racing compound super-slick tires like all the other exotic supercars have,
    • You can look at this 2 ways though for ultimate lap speed without a doubt Lexus/Toyota could have gone for a higher grip tyre but they have always echoed the the Ring time wasn't that important to them and using this RE070 tyre proves there point really. On the other hand it proves how good the package is if Iida is saying 7.12 is possible then for sure I don't see any other car that will go as well with a tyre like those RE070s so in my view Lexus/Toyota have got it right and to be honest the tyre thing isn't really an issue.
  3. With Michelin Sports Cups, the LFA breaks 7:10 EASY! BD