Lexus Hopes to Double Sales in China by 2013

As China Daily reports, Lexus expects to double sales in China by 2013:

“We hope to sell 100,000 of our Lexus vehicles here in China in 2013, as we are on track to recover from this year’s earthquake,” said Kenji Nakashima, senior vice-president of Lexus China, which is under Toyota Motor (China) Investment Co Ltd.

He said that Lexus delivered 35,000 cars to Chinese consumers in the first nine months of this year, despite the production disruptions caused by the massive Japanese earthquake in March.

“Full-year sales are expected to reach 55,000 units, slightly higher than last year’s,” Nakashima said. In 2010, Lexus sales surged 53 percent to 52,933 vehicles, making China its second-biggest market after the United States.

A large part of this dramatic growth will come from the newly introduced CT 200h, which is entering China’s fast-growing compact luxury segment — Lexus hopes the hybrid hatchback will reach 1,000 sales per month.

Of course, with such high sales expectations, the next question has to be — how long before we see Lexus vehicles manufactured in China?

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If Lexus made something like CT160h , GS200 , IS180 , LS350 ... then maybe it's possible .
    • F
    • December 8, 2011
    Although from a business point of view making cars like those are logical.. But part of the reason I like Lexus is because they don't have those low end models like what the German brands have and all Lexus are manufactured in Japan, except the RX sold in Nrth America But even if Lexus made LS350, IS180 It wouldn't be sold in USA anyway
    I do like what Lexus put huge engine on their cars too ... but now seems China would have GS250 , which is same displacement as Crown or MarkX that being sold there (which have similar chassis & engine ... similar & related but NOT same) , meant Lexus started to realize tiny engine somehow can slightly boost sales on Asian . But this put myself gone weird ... as Lexus is high end version of Toyota , but now Lexus gone low end & get nearer to Toyota again .
    • K
    • December 8, 2011
    Pretty interesting assortment of engine variants you have there! (Still hope there's a LS 350 one day -- I'd love to see a V6 LS.)
    CT160h get 1.33-liter Hybrid (might effect a LOT on the performance) , GS200 get 2.0-liter from Camry but try to Turbo it (go old school , Toyota do 2.0-liter Turbo before & it's an amazing engine) , IS180 is slightly impossible because IS is an heavy car , unless Toyota made 1.6-liter Turbo while LS350 is easy to achieve with 3.5-liter V6 or LS400h which made it have Hybrid . Asian (besides Japan) is a weird country ... we love something huge on LS (like hoping LS to have V12) but also hope LS have something tiny (like the 3.5-liter V6) ; same happens on GS or IS too (reason might because of Tax) !