Poll: Should Lexus get its own version of the GT 86?

Lexus 86

With the automotive web buzzing about the new Toyota GT 86/Scion FR-S, it’s probably a good time to open up the question that I’ve been asking myself for a while — should Lexus get its own version of the Hachi-Roku? Let’s set up the discussion with a vote:

I’m of two minds — if it was a simple rebadge, with the same engine and minimal styling changes, I would (perhaps obviously) be against it. This car has enough variants already, and adding another badge would be damaging to every brand involved with without some serious reworking.

However, giving Lexus a small coupe with handling that’s been compared to a Porsche Cayman, bumping up the power with a V6, seriously upgrading the interior, and turning the LFA exterior styling cues up to eleven? That’s a completely different story.

What do you think?