Poll: Should Lexus get its own version of the GT 86?

Lexus 86

With the automotive web buzzing about the new Toyota GT 86/Scion FR-S, it’s probably a good time to open up the question that I’ve been asking myself for a while — should Lexus get its own version of the Hachi-Roku? Let’s set up the discussion with a vote:

I’m of two minds — if it was a simple rebadge, with the same engine and minimal styling changes, I would (perhaps obviously) be against it. This car has enough variants already, and adding another badge would be damaging to every brand involved with without some serious reworking.

However, giving Lexus a small coupe with handling that’s been compared to a Porsche Cayman, bumping up the power with a V6, seriously upgrading the interior, and turning the LFA exterior styling cues up to eleven? That’s a completely different story.

What do you think?


  1. Many Lexus fans have, over the years, pleaded for stuff like a smaller-than-RX crossover, the return of the SC, a 4-door coupe GS and so on but, for me, the biggest hole in Lexus' lineup is for a small 2-seat sports roadster to take on the Audi TT, BMW Z4, Mercedes SLK and Porsche Boxster. My first plea in that regard was back in July 2006 (see http://my.is/forums/f41/what-should-lexus-build-smaller-than-sc-roadster-299320/ ). As details of the Toyota/Subaru sport coupe collaboration began to emerge, it became clear to me that the ideal Lexus derivative of the FT-86 project would be replacing the Subaru flat 4 with their flat 6, ditching the token rear seats, adding some Lexus refinement and a soft top or retractable hardtop and, voilà, Lexus takes on the Germans. Here's what I wrote back in July 2008: http://my.is/forums/f41/what-should-lexus-build-smaller-than-sc-roadster-part-deux-365580/ .
    • I totally agree with your entire comments-----the competition needs a rival. The SLK and the Z4 numbers we are missing in our line-up......Let's do it !
    • That's exactly it -- I probably should have mentioned the SLK as what I was picturing the 86 becoming.
  2. i choose yes but with the changes you mentioned, it can't just be an obvious rebadge.
  3. Gonna have to vote no. I don't want five versions of the same car out there. And this car hardly strikes me as a Lexus in any way, though I appreciate them wanting to be sportier. I don't see how this would translate into a luxury car BD
    • Using a hybrid is an excellent idea -- while I would be worried about the effect of the battery weight, I think it would be a great way to differentiate between the Lexus and the other models.
  5. I think it'll be a brilliant idea to have a two-door IS, with such approach to target BMW 3 series and make sure it really goes neck to neck with them. I am sure many people love the current IS but still ended up getting a 3 series because of the unavailability of two door coupe, and there are many who does not care/want the convertible, unless you live in California (price diff. $4000 on 3 ser. coupe vs $13k on conv.). Plus, it helps with the body rigidity for being a "non-convertible", and looks sexier for those that are really into racing (like BMW buyers) and two-door coupes (MANY in youger generations). I can GUARANTEE that IS sale will increase by, at least 15%, just from adding that two-door feature (with longer/slicker body like how 3 series did), also likely taking away BMW buyers... I know it is a mouthful, but I used to sell Lexus and currently drive an ISC. Adding a new model to the line-up will be riskier, in my opinion, than adding more ammunitions in the IS, which is a proven and highly popular model. Look what happened with the HS model. (it can't just be because of the earthquake this year the recall last year, because those applied to the IS and the ES as well...)
    • A next-generation IS coupe has to be in the works -- I'd say it's the most important model missing from the Lexus line-up.
  6. Definitely! It's a great platform! Lexus just needs to go through extensive lengths to distinguish it, so that it deserves the Lexus L-insignia! With the money saved on developing an entirely-new platform, Lexus should give us something good!
  7. Nooooo Dont do ... Its low class, Let poor teenager buy toyota.Only Rich people have LEXUS !
  8. I guess they can make a 1series competitor or is the CT the rival? anyway, I suggest them bring the Supra back!!
  9. I would love a lexus model, with enough visual tweaks to not look like the toyota, maybe add the GS hybride V6, lexus interior and hopefully still keep weight down, but I would be curious to see this thing with a "spindle" grille
  10. Make it like a small LFA.
  11. F1r

    Slap in the 3.5L Avalon engine and you have some power
  12. I think Toyota's problem with this car is that it is good enough to cannibalize sales of of other, larger coupes because of its pricing and capabilities.... Maybe they couldn't give it too much power, because it would hurt sales of the next (potential) Supra!?! If the body platform was reused and it were to be re-badged as a Lexus, it would have to have decent power 300+, again, as well as a luxurious interior. This, coupled with necessary lower pricing, would maybe steal alot of sales from a potential IS, GS, or SC coupe(s).... The thought being, for some... "Why would I spend more money on _____ coupe when this one is more than capable enough, good looking, cheaper, and just about what I need anyway...." I would love to see something like a mini LFA, but don't know how likely, or practical, it would be from a product line up perspective.... I really like it in its current guise though, and applaud Toyota/Subaru.... Can't wait to see the high performance version and the next Supra based on their current know how on building sports cars.....
  13. Toyota Supra is coming........ BD
  14. From what I understand this car will now be a Subaru. I myself DO NOT like the looks of this car, what happened to the FT86? That was a badass lookin car! This car looks like a Mazda.
    • It is a Subaru There will be three version of this car. The Toyota GT86 outside the US, the Subaru BRZ worldwide, and the Scion FR-S in the US. Which is why I voted no. There will be way too many badging engineering done to this vehicle. Even if Toyota decieded to make a Lexus version, they can't because the the engine bay is only meant for a flat 4 engine. An interesting fact, all three sheetmetal are stamped Subaru. As usual, the Scion version is dummy down...
  15. lets build on that model and develop it into the next SC series. Make a coupe and convertible version. maybe even an AWD version since so few brands have an AWD Convertible in the Luxury segment. That car is definitely STRIKING!!!
  16. that car looks like a Nissan 350Z and an older Supra got "together" and had a baby
  17. They should use the GT platform to the new IS, and then make an IS coupé. That sounds good.
    • The IS & GS shared platforms last time around, and I would expect it to be the case again -- the new GS handles beautifully.
  18. Oss

    No! It would be detrimental to the brand image
  19. F1

    I'm against this , you guys got to remember this is Lexus and not Toyota, why would you need this car for Lexus? The CT200 is the smallest Lexus should go.. Who ever has driven the IS350 knows what power that mighty engine produces
  20. Subaru nailed the styling. Toyota failed. Id buy this car with LFA cues, Subarus handleling, and an IS 350 engine (oh and keep it well under 3000 pdns of course).
  21. I'd say NO.  I thought Lexus were steering clear of re-badged Toyotas. Interior would need a total re-work as is nasty.   A mini (affordable) LFA would be interesting but I think Lexus should concentrate on improving the range of body styles and engines on the next gen current range  - Particularly IS and GS.  It should be able to compete easily with BMW especially if the cars are better to look at than a 3/5 series (Not difficult I would have thought)  And get the ride and handling right before release them!  A luxury car should give a smooth ride as standard .   
    • F1

      Drive IS350 then tell me the 3 series and 335i has better handling.. And the IS350 is way smoother, refined and comfortable
    • Unfortunately we dont get the IS350 in UK - we are stuck (in a nice gentle way) with the 250 or a dubious diesel which seems to have problems.   I prefered the 250 to the 325SE the ride was better on the beemer though (less jiggly) The M sport versions on runflats were too hard so didnt go for.  I have an 06 250 - has the ride improved on facelifted versions?
    • F1

      I haven't driven the 06-09 IS250 or IS350, but from what I heard they did stiffen up the suspension setup a little on the facelifted IS.. It's also worth noting the IS has a more advanced and complex indepenadant suspension setup compared to the 3 series, because the LEXUS IS has double wishbone front and multi-link for the rear.. The 3 series has front struts, which compromise on handling, comfort and are less advanced and less sophisticated than the double wishbone setup found on the IS250 & IS350 Also my point the IS350 has a whopping 306 ponies :D which means it is very powerful and hence why I said you should drive the 350
    • You're right about the interior, but that's what would make a Lexus version so good -- there's a lot of room for improvement in the cabin.
  22. Well, I think that Lexus should have a newest version like the 'old' SC430, far from the new 'L-Finesse' design. I think that Lexus should increase the range with a coupe, maybe from IS or GS, or why not LS? BUT, I don't think that GT 86 should be the base model and the design to work in.
  23. I voted yes. But I reckon Lexus needs its own Porsche 911, a model which would fill the gap between the ISF and the hyper-nutter LFA. A smaller sports coupe like a Lexus 'SLK' would be great as well. 
  24. I voted yes but not to have a rebadged Toyobaru product. I beleive Lexus could use the 86's platform. It is a light car with near perfect weight distribution which is an excellent start. Of course it would require completely new sheet metal to make it look like a Lexus with the spindle grill and everything. In my opinion a 2GR-FSE(IS/GS' 3.5L engine) would be the best choice. Then have a longer hood, make it a two seater and the weight distribution would remain near perfect. Oh and before I forget, have a standard manual gearbox and you got yourself a new mini-Supra; meaning the real Supra should be better and a 500hp+ car.
  25. My vote was no.Lexus has built the best ever super car,the LFA,as a halo car for Lexus.Scion now has the FR-S as a halo car.Lexus & Toyota each have a void that was once filled by two sister cars-the 1st gen SC & the 4th gen Supra.The same needs to happen again.Not only would this make good business sense,but it would rekindle the passion that Akio seeks to inject into the line-up.He still has fond memories of test driving the MKIV Supra during it's development stage.Even recently,I've seen Supras present during product testing for the IS-F,the LFA & more recently the then called FT-86,so it still serves as a legitimate bench mark.Akio even said during the launch of the 86 that this is just the beginning,so I'm inclined to believe that he has an ace or two up his sleeve.Go Akio!!!
  26. I completely agree. 6cylinders pumping out in excess of 300horses. F-sport styling & reworked looks and interior. Delete rear seats. Baby LFA anyone? :)
  27. no, definitely not. A two door coupe would be very very nice, but something more serious, more Lexus like. I'd really like to see a GS coupe ! :)
  28. As much as I love my Hachi Roku,  I have to vote against this motion.   Lexus is a premium luxury brand that's in the Toyota Lineup,  I believe if anything Lexus were to bring a mass produced Sports car in the lineup would be somewhere along the line as a JZA80 Supra Twin Turbo sucessor with hybrid technology?  not an entry level sports coupe. 
  29. The 86 is nice, however, it should stay in the Toyota, Scion, Subaru areana.  Please do not rebadge the vehicle as a Lexus.  An agressive 2 door sport coupe would be most welcome.