Lexus December to Remember 2011 Commercials

Just in case you haven’t been near a TV in the last couple weeks (or you live outside of North America), here is this year’s crop of December to Remember commercials:

With all the traffic I’ve been receiving from people looking for these commercials, I was curious how people have reacting — it appears they might be popular for all the wrong reasons.

(Personally, I’m not a big fan of annual marketing campaigns — it’s a cute idea and better than most Christmas commercials, but I’d like to see something new.)


  1. I remember there's similar commercial on last years too ...
  2. umm... if i heard that music i'd be like, 'change the station', i don't get what the music has to do with a lexus...
  3. We love Lexus in our house.  They are brilliantly designed and fabulously executed cars.  We have two of them (LS and GS).   But these commercials really are beneath contempt.  Christmas was, not that very long ago, a simple holiday of food, music, family, and the retelling of some touching foundation myths (God in a stable anyone?)  Now, thanks to some evil geniuses in marketing, Christmas has become an occasion for competitive materialism.  The whole message has become, "You cannot enjoy Christmas without spending a LOT of money on conspicuous waste."  For those who cannot afford such practices, Christmas has become a time of the year when most folks feel hopelessly inadequate.  It's no wonder suicides spike at Christmas. In exchange for producing maybe 2500 actual sales, these Lexus ads succeed in making millions of people truly miserable.  This ad campaign is responsible for a large segment of the Lexus-hate out there (it's got to be something because as we know, it's NOT the cars.)
    • Agreed. I've a friend with a Lexus - great car. I can afford a Lexus, but will not buy one, and these ads are a big reason. They disgust me.  And... I don't wanna be perceived by passersby (especially passersby with a fist full of keys) as the sort of hipster scum depicted in those spots. Just... ugly.
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  5. I should really find a gf that would get me a Lexus for the holidays.
  6. Are there any GS commercials for D to R?
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  8. I don't see what all the fuss is about... Every car manufacture has holiday ads.  Its much better then Mercedes where Santa is driving around in an SL500... 
    • F1r

    • Let's see. Mercedes produces a whimsical spot where Santa is so impressed by the new model, he gets one to replace his aging sleigh. Lexus produces an ad that says if you are good and generous and really love someone, you will give them a Lexus with a big red bow on the roof. One ad is charming and sweet while the other explores the limits of psychological abuse.  This seems to be an overwhelming opinion—read those twitter comments linked to above. And while you wonder why we should care about someone getting their fee-fees hurt over an insensitive commercial, the "December to Remember" ads are SO offensive they have probably provoked folks into keying some damn nice cars.   And to think that all the effort Toyota goes through to build us spectacular cars is at least partially undone because they don't know how to hire a better ad agency.
  9. ... so if my wife knits me a scarf for Christmas, it's really not good enough and I should really be looking for a new wife.  I think I get it.  Their love is directly proportional to the value of their Christmas gift.
  10. You are all insane! It's a freakin commercial! Get a life and lose the chip on your shoulder!!!
  11. I hate the Lexus commercials. In today's economic and job environment, it's more of a slap in the face to those less fortunate than it is a motivation for those who are well-to-do. I cringe every time I see/hear one as I feel for those who can barely afford to buy the necessities let alone a new vehicle, not to mention a Lexus.
  12. No...seriously.  The NON-STOP (and I mean NON-STOP) commercials are really torture.  Someone in today's "letters to the editor" page of the NY Daily News said thank GOD Christmas is over so we don't have to see this commercial again, really hit it on the nose.  DA-da-DA-da DA-DA-da-DAAAAAA...UGH EVERY YEAR
  13. I hate these commercials enough to find a thread and post about them. The idea that someone is supposed to hear a jingle and know they're getting a Lexus as a surprise gift is enough to make me wretch. Isn't a car a major purchase that might be discussed between partners? Doesn't the person who will be driving it typically want to have some input as to make/model/features? It's the casuallness that gets me the most.