Imagining a Lexus CT Sedan

Upon learning that Lexus was planning to cancel the much-maligned HS 250h, some readers suggested that the model be converted into a CT sedan — interestingly, photochopper Theophilus Chin tried that something very similar a couple of weeks back (click on any image for a larger version):

Lexus CT 200h Sedan Front
Lexus CT 200h Sedan Side Profile
Lexus CT 200h Sedan Back

I’ve never really liked the idea of a CT-sized sedan, and these photochops illustrates my biggest issue — it’s just too small. The size is especially noticeable in the side profile, which has a nice upper outline, but the entire design falls apart with the super-small wheels and super-short wheelbase. It’s totally subjective, but when it comes to sub-compact cars, I feel sedans rarely look as good as hatchbacks.

(I suppose it’s possible the design might work stretched out to HS proportions, but I have to think Lexus has more important things to focus on than a segment better served simply with a ES hybrid.)

[Source: Theophilus Chin’s Flickr Stream]