Lexus HS 250h to be Cancelled?

Lexus HS 250h Cancelled

According to Wards Auto (by way of Leftlane News), Lexus is considering cancelling the HS 250h due to the hybrid sedan failed to meet expectations.

Being unable to read the actual Ward’s article without a subscription, I can only guess at the reasoning, which is sure to revolve around the HS’ absymal sales numbers — after all, the HS only sold 205 units last month and 2,383 units this year, which represents a 72.8% decrease compared to 2010.

Add the more reasonably priced CT 200h into the equation, and it’s no stretch of the imagination that the HS 250h is living on borrowed time — especially when you consider that an ES hybrid is likely right around the corner, which would essentially eliminate the remains of the HS’ market.

But do I think Lexus will cancel the HS 250h? It’s tough to say. I could certainly picture the model being reinvented as a larger CTh, putting it into a different segment free from all the internal competition with the actual CTh & a possible ESh — but one thing’s for sure, the HS can’t continue to exist in its current incarnation.

[Source: Wards Auto via Leftlane News]