Lexus HS 250h to be Cancelled?

Lexus HS 250h Cancelled

According to Wards Auto (by way of Leftlane News), Lexus is considering cancelling the HS 250h due to the hybrid sedan failed to meet expectations.

Being unable to read the actual Ward’s article without a subscription, I can only guess at the reasoning, which is sure to revolve around the HS’ absymal sales numbers — after all, the HS only sold 205 units last month and 2,383 units this year, which represents a 72.8% decrease compared to 2010.

Add the more reasonably priced CT 200h into the equation, and it’s no stretch of the imagination that the HS 250h is living on borrowed time — especially when you consider that an ES hybrid is likely right around the corner, which would essentially eliminate the remains of the HS’ market.

But do I think Lexus will cancel the HS 250h? It’s tough to say. I could certainly picture the model being reinvented as a larger CTh, putting it into a different segment free from all the internal competition with the actual CTh & a possible ESh — but one thing’s for sure, the HS can’t continue to exist in its current incarnation.

[Source: Wards Auto via Leftlane News]


  1. This will happen, with the ES Hybrid next year getting the Camry Hybrid powertrain, the HS should die off after next year.  It's the right thing to do. BD
  2. Don't think they are gonna cancel it, more like replacing it with a cheaper, more efficient CT sedan.
  3. Lexus should cancel the HS and use the resources to bring back the SC. 
  4. I don't think this car look too bad, it's not the best thing made by Lexus of course but still decent for an hybrid, I mean, the Chevy Volt don't look better than this one.
    • I actually like the front-end of the HS, especially compared to something like the Volt. I just don't think there's any room in the Lexus lineup for it.
  5. I don't think it is up for further discussion... should be gone 1/1/12
  6. ugly car should never been made in the first place good to see it go n streamline the lexus model line up all they have to do now is drop the ES what is the ES actually competing againt ? nothing from bmw merc audi n that at the end of the day is what lexus is competing againts it really is a nothing model IS hybrid is replace HS and the new GS to cover the ES
    •  the ES dosent have to compete with anything.  thats its recipe for success.  The GS is RWD, about 6k more than the ES and isnt as efficient.  wait till you see the new will look better than the GS btw, the HS WAS created just to fill the gap until the ES hybrid comes out.  kind of like the IS convertible.  its here until the SC comes out, then its gone
    • Fo1

      Remove the ES? Why would Lexus get rid of one of their strongest models? ES is like in between a IS & GS.. It's kind of a cheap LS in a way..
    • I disagree comparing a FRW ES with the LS but both do lump into the "boat" column in Lexus's lineup. Not to mention the 40% price, size and positioning differential, there would be very little cannibalization of LS sales because of similarities between the ES and LS.  Even with Lexus's conservative image, their designs have at least looked consistent with its pleasing  L Finnesse design language.  The HS looks like an econo luxury Japan port, similar to the mismatch port of the Altezza, which looked strangely out of place in the Lexus Showroom. If there was anything Lexus should have ported, it was the Camry Hybrid to the ES line.  Toyota must have thought there would have been some pricing conflicts between Toyota and Lexus, but an ES Hybridid at a $5k premium over the standard 3.5L gasoline would have filled out the $47k price point nicely and still $10k below the GS Hybrid, which wasn't a volume mover anyways. The CT Hybrid is an admission of the styling mistake of the HS, which was Toyota's knee jerk reaction to the economy.  Sorry, Toyota, but when the chips are down, people still won't buy an Corrolla Hybrid with Lexus pricing.
    • The fact that the ES doesn't have any competitors is exactly the reason Lexus should continue to sell it -- though to be fair, the ES competes more against US-built vehicles rather than anything from Germany.
  7. It was a stopgap until the ES Hybrid was ready for launch........ BD
  8. I honestly think this was just another car created by the noob designers at Lexus before Akio showed up. The 2000's are littered with cars that were designed to turn a profit instead of turn someone on. This old philosphy would have eventually ruined Lexus, but thankfully we are heading in a more sincere direction.
    • Even further to your point, I think the HS was originally a Toyota that was repurposed for the Lexus lineup because of dealer demand for a more reasonably priced hybrid.
  9. DnD

    Im sorry but Im glad! I found the HS very ugly and it looked like a Toyota! Sorry I love Lexus but not this one! The ESh and maybe ISh will so sooooo much better
  10. I have been saying this for over a year, and posted it here too. Not surprising, this car was a "disaster". The sales are horrendous and the car is so un-inspiring, especially compared to the CT. It just took awhile for the Lexus "higher ups" to finally admit to this "mistake". The LEXUS of old would NEVER have made this error in judgement. The future for LEXUS will be very bright and 2012 definitely WILL be a great year for "our great company" We are definitely headed in the right direction though. I truly believe this!!!!
  11. The HS will retired next year when the all new ES350 comes out in summer followed shortly by the ES350h.
  12. built the noise of the HS like the currant CT. I am sure, it will sale 1000 per month of them
  13. Maybe they should replace it with a smaller hybrid CUV.   The RX is just a bit too big for the X1, GLK, Q3/5 market where there is lots of potential for Lexus.  Build it on the forthcoming RAV4 hybrid electric platform with a Lexus top hat and the Camry hybrid powertrain and it will sell well.
  14. The HS it's not good in terms of design. Cancel the HS and create a CT250h.
  15. Its a Toyota Corolla with a Lexus Badge (and price). Who the hell wants that!? If I wanted a Corolla, I'd buyyyyyy a Corolla!
    • You are almost right -- it's a Lexus Prius.  Now that there are more Lexus hybrids on the way, as somebody said earlier in the thread, there is no need for the HS formula.  I kind of regret seeing it go, but as sales reports show there is a very tight segment of buyers for an upscale Prius of which there are now several models.
  16. It will be killed for its own good...
  17. I'm not a fan of the HS and neither do I like the new CT. The HS is simply ugly and uninspiring and looks like a Euro Toyota Avensis. I'm sure it's a good car but when I am buying a luxury car I demand interesting design among other features which the HS completely fails at. The same issues apply to the CT. It's a good car, but in my opinion the design is just awful and very Toyotaish. I've seen the CT200h up close and there's nothing dynamic, youthful or premium-looking about it - again, in my opinion. The interior is excellent and that's about it. If you ask me, Lexus needs to focus on delivering better designs as a whole - create a strong brand design identity like their European rivals have done for decades. So far the only current Lexus products which I find "beautiful" are the LS and the new GS (I own an '09 LS460) purely from a design point of view. The IS, ES, SC, GX, LX, RX, CT and HS leave me cold. I'm not particularly turned-on by the LF-A design either (but there is no denying the car is amazing).
    • Fo1

      All Lexus look good. Their designs age very well compared to other brands
    • Their designs do not age well in my opinion. Do you really think something as bland and generic as an ES or CT or HS will age well? Um, no. Even the IS, GS3, RX, LX, GX and SC just don't age or won't age well. Too generic, to plain to uninspiring. The only Lexus design that has truly aged well is the original LS400. The current LS will also age well. As for the rest, I just don't think so. Look, I am not anti-Lexus, but their designs aren't one of their strongpoints. At least they're moving in the right direction with the GS4, which looks sporty and seems to be the beginning of a family Lexus design language.
    • Actually, I think all the models you mention -- even the LX -- have aged well. In fact, I like the SC more now than I ever have.  (There was a point last year, though, when the new LS hybrid face was revealed and the HS was selling well, that I was really worried about the future of Lexus design. The GS & CT have thankfully alleviated that concern.)
    • I don't know, I really like the CT exterior design -- looks sharp at both ends, and the side profile is a winner. The only design I don't like is the HS, and obviously, that's an opinion shared by nearly everyone.  However, if you like the new GS, I don't think you'll be disappointed with the new vehicles coming down the pipeline -- Lexus has said repeatedly that the GS is a sign of things to come.
  18. Canel ? Why ? I actually drove and sat for a good while in this car. Its very good. I like the looks and the interior is nice.
  19. The Camry Hybrid gets over 40MPG with a 2.5L 4-cylinder hybrid powertrain with 200HP.  0-60 in 7.2 seconds (Motor Trend), carrying 3500 lbs. How much damage would that do in the 300 lb lighter CT?  Even faster than 7 seconds?  And more efficient than 41 MPG combined?  CT250h? BD
    • Super-like -- this is something I actually believe we'll see in the next year or so when the CT gets its mid-cycle refresh.
  20. The HS was ill conceived as a product for Lexus.  Its positioning was not off target, but the final product did not in Lexus's portfolio.  An ES400h model would have been in line and match what Toyota was doing with the Camry hybrid. The HSs "Corrola-like" body styling with wannabe luxury lightweight materials interrior did not speak to a prospective lexus customer.  The IS250 and ES ard much more enticing than the HS regardless of the fuel advantage.  Anyone who sat in one in a Lexus showroom would be swayed to a true Lexus vehicle and not one that looks crafted for Toyota but with some Lexus trimmings.  Lexus seems to have corrected it with the CT
    • I think the reason for the HSh rather than the ESh was a combination of economics and technology -- the previous gen Camry hybrid powertrain was ill-suited for the ES, which is Lexus' quietest and smoothest vehicle, and would not have satisfied ES buyers, and I think the resulting vehicle still would have been $5k too expensive compared to the HS.
  21. Damn luxury cars seem to be popular in California, i've just come back and the amount of luxury cars on the road is excessive, Lexus, BMW's, Mercedes everywhere.. How do people afford them? 
    • I just returned from Southern California myself, and think I saw more LS 460s than Toyota Corollas -- *very* different from Canada, that's for sure.
  22. LEXUS NEW LINE-UP CT (will add a gasoline HB and RWD coupe on it based on the FT-86 plus a sedan version) HS-deleted(replaced by CT-sedan IS-(the next 3rd generation will be found in 4 forms Sedan , Coupe , Cabriolet & Sport cross) ES-deleted GS-(with it's Amazing 4th generation the GS will add to it a Coupe variant as GS-C) SC-(will come back as a real 4 doors coupe to compete with 6-series , A7 & CLS) LS-(will got a coupe variant) with CT , IS , GS , SC & LS got both F and F-sport Variants  the next RX will share the IS chassis , the next GX will share the new GS the chassis with the all new small CT-X which shares the Rav-4 its Chassis & Engines last but not least the LFA will not be limited edition model and will sold with 100,000 $ less than the current model also it will got a convertible variant!!!!!!!!!!!
    • WOW !    What inside information have you been introduced to?   I hope that your details are valid and honestly true to what LEXUS has up their sleeves.......this would propel LEXUS into super stardom and gain back the numbers of yesteryear.  I am anxious to see if this will materialize.....would be the best for LEXUS to capture a market they have not had the product to keep prospects from shopping the Germans with.  I say FANTASTIC-----
    • i think it's becoming true after that article of axing the HS the new article of GS coupe as rumors start 
  23. Jay

    The HS was too expensive, had mediocre interior design and materials quality, and styling that is too similar to the Toyota Corolla S. The HS's price difference is not justified when compared to a well equipped Camry hybrid. I really wanted to like the HS, the concept of a compact luxury hybrid was really appealing. But Lexus executed the idea all wrong, looks like they corrected that with the CT. I think a redesigned HS or some kind of compact luxury hybrid sedan would be a great idea, but Lexus needs to address the HS's shortcomings.
  25. the only reason the lexus hs250h was discontinued was because of poor marketing and price. the hs cannot be be compared to a corolla . you must be crazy.