Autoblog Reviews the Lexus LFA

Lexus LFA in Autoblog ReviewAutoblog has just published a sterling review of the Lexus LFA, with writer Michael Harley calling it “masterfully executed, it is not a supercar – it is a narcotic.”

Accompanying the article is a beautifully done photo gallery from Drew Phillips, along with a short video and plenty of praise throughout — even after the amount of LFA reviews I’ve read, I still thoroughly enjoyed it.

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  1. LFA ... it's what Toyota can do , when they tried . I love it's high-rev V10 engine , it's single-clutch automated-manual transmission , it's CFRP monocoque , it's interior design & how they located the radiator ... although I do have complain , the complain of it doesn't have much room left (not sure if there's trunk space left) & it's not the shape that I wanted (this is about the front end) .
  2. He's a very good writer, and loved that he took his kid out of school for this. Didn't understand the ending, though.   It "Pales" in comparison to no car......NONE! BD
    • Oh, and great photography, but it is not "Wallpaper" size BD
    • Yeah, it sucks since most of these mags use 0 - 60 mph times to determine the performance numbers. 0 - 60 mph in 3.6 seconds is what they are alluding to. Now, if Lexus again had put proper high grip sticky tires even Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires, with launch control I am sure a 0 - 60 mph in 3.2 - 3.3 seconds is very very plausible.
  3. The pictures!!! I'M IN LOVE!
  4. LFA is a classic
  5. I really enjoyed reading that article and the pictures are just awesome. The LFA is testimony of what Toyota / Lexus is capable of engineering. Infact, Lexus (in general) demonstrates Toyota is capable of engineering cars that rival the very best in the world regardless the segment. On a final note, for those who might be interested ... 'Australian Car Advice' will be posting an article about thier first test drive experiance with the LFA at an Australian Race Track very shortly, perhaps even today. When the article is posted, i will let you-folks know so you can read it. Cheers
  6. Was sad to hear that it doesn't have cruise BD
  7. Better than that crappy article on Motor Trend this month in the Best Driver's competition section.  What a hot mess that was.  Worse article ever...
    • Agreed. 4.0 seconds 0 - 60 mph is not just laughable, it is simply insulting to how much effort they put into getting the best 0 - 60 mph out of the LFA.
  8. att : Readers Who May Be Interested ... ' The Motor Report ' which is an Australian automotive website has published a review of the LFA which was showcased in Australia recently at a local Race Track (Sandown) which coincides with the arrival of the first example of 10 to be delivered in Australia. At the bottom of the review there is a picture taken at the track which depicts the LFA, an IS-F and a CT F-Sport ... quite a good picture i thought. Anyway,  ' Australia Car Advice ' should be releasing thier review shortly aswell although i have been waiting for a few days now. When they do i will let you all know. Cheers