Lexus LFA in Supercar Meetup

Pro photographer Jonathan D’Amato has taken some cool photos of the Lexus LFA parked alongside other supercars — here’s a sampling:

Lexus LFA & Lamborghini Countach

Lexus LFA & Porsche Carrera GT

Lexus LFA & Lamborghini Murcielago

This is just the tip of the iceburg — be sure to check out the rest of his LFA photo gallery.

Check out the full LFA photo gallery


  2. looks better and more reliable than the GTB ferrari
  3. i'd like to have a black one)))))))))))))
  4. LFA looks most elegant.
  5. am I the only one that doesn't think these photos are so special... (as far as composition etc) 
    • I liked them for the comparison between models -- I was really surprised by the similar "feel" between the Carrera GT & the LFA.
    • I like seeing all these different supercars together with the LFA. To me there is a similarity between all of them,a certain "outrageousness factor" they share. Regardless of brand,I'm glad cars like these exist. Sweet maniacal counterweights to all the sensible cars in the world. 
  6. The thing about black LF-A's, it retains the luxury style of L-Finesse but holds the soul of a dominant race car.
  7. Simply the best !     A real class act amongst so many----sorry to say some of these other super cars are just plain ugly and no thought out design and finess like the LFA. LEXUS THANK YOU !    Please send us more in the future-----don't stop now. Keep it up !
  8. Only if there's Agera R , Veyron Super Sport & LFA Nurburgring Edition ... or LFA is better .
  9. Cool cars~ I wish i can own one someday~
  10. Super cars always kinda spell douche bag to me. It's the bright green or yellow, etc. with big wings and too much embellishment that i dislike, kinda like a grown up version of a riced out civic. But the elegance of the LFA is what a super car should be. Looks like its going 200 m/h while its sipping a up of tea.
  11. oops... "cup of tea"
  12. I'm actually a big fan of the Carrera GT to me with that mad sounding high revving V-10 much like the LFA I kinda outta all the cars like the LFA and the Carrera GT.
  13. I wonder why the Carrera is so long ? The LFA is a really short wheelbase car. I think that helps with its awesome track performance.
  14. Also.. these pictures show something more and very speical. Japans first real supercar :-)
  15. Lexus makes the best looking cars in that the attention to detail is top notch and Lexus have much more sophisticated design elements then everyone else.. Ageless/timeless designs..