Lexus GS F-Sport Spotted

My man Shamiz in Japan has sent over another photo from one of the country’s many auto magazines — this time it’s a spy shot of what looks to be the upcoming Lexus GS F-Sport (click for a larger version):

Lexus GS F-Sport Spy Shot

With such vibrant camouflage, it’s difficult to decipher much from the photo that wasn’t already seen in the official teaser image — however, I am curious why the rear seat window kink has been covered up.

(Thanks Shamiz!)


  1. No vents on The front fender :(
  2. The rear window kink been covered because it has a LF-A style side scoop :p  lol jk, but yeah I'm curious too and I thought the GS F-sport doesn't have fog lights? (atleast on the teaser there wasnt any that I saw)
  3. lol i love how the lexus logo on the grill is concealed but they put a lexus plate on the front bumper
  4. "My man..."? LOL Sorry Krew, but that really made me laugh!
  5. yeah GS F-sport
  6. So you don't see Kanamori-san sitting in the back;)
  7. Thanks for this post! i really enjoyed reading it!!!
  8. I gotta see this. Looks like tis coming along well.
  9. The real present will be the GSF