Video of the Lexus LS TMG Edition

Another day, another round of information about the Lexus LS TMG Edition that’s been spotted testing in Germany — first up is this video of the hyper-LS taking laps at Nürburgring:

At full-tilt, the LS TMG sounds an awful lot like a grown-up IS-F, but it’s the footage at the end that amused me the most — even with the giant engine and the assortment of aeroparts, at low speed it retains the presence of an LS.

Even more, another part of the mystery has been solved, as Edmunds Inside Line reached out to Lexus and learned more about the LS TMG:

We weren’t expecting a reply with anything more than a “no comment,” but our contact came back with a surprisingly clear and quick answer, “This is a project car by Lexus of Germany.” They went on to say that photos and detailed specs could be available, we’ll update if that comes through.

So, simply, Lexus of Germany is utilizing the skill of Toyota Motorsport GmbH (you’ll remember them for doing Toyota’s F1 efforts, the EV race car, those cool Celica GT-Fours for WRC and the GT-One) to create a project to draw attention to the sportiness of Lexus and the engineering skill of TMG. TMG currently pays the bills by freelancing its skills, resources (wind tunnel) and staff to various motorsports clients.

There we have it — commissioned by Lexus Deutschland as a project car. (Not to say this couldn’t lead to bigger & better things — after all, the Mercedes S65 has 621 hp, no reason a LS-F couldn’t have 642 hp.)

[Source: Inside Line]