Reviews the Lexus LFA Nürburgring Edition

This video drive-along review of the Lexus LFA Nürburgring edition is excellent work:

You can actually feel the presenter’s excitement growing as he gets deeper and deeper into the experience — I don’t know how these reviewers can drive at such high speeds and still be able to talk in fully formed sentences.

(I don’t know if it’s just the video or if the Nürburgring edition exhaust has been modified at all, but the sound of this LFA is pure crazy.)

(Thanks DuDe!)


  1. The Best LFA  N Edition video  ever  7 secs hmmmm
  2. He is excited? Obviously!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. LFA Nurburging Edition is using Bridgestone Potenza RE070 right ? The Semi-Slick that Nissan claimed to be the worst tire for Nurburgring blast ... and LFA is such amazing !
    • They are Potenza RE70 tires. They are street tires that are substantially better than the stock LFA S001 tires, but they are still street tires and not R compound tires in terms of dry grip such as, PirellI Corsa System and Michelin Pilot cup tires.
    • RE70 is semi-slick ... and yes , not as good as Pilot Cup which is full-slick .
  4. The LFA is just awesome in everyway possible. Who knew that Toyo/Lex could build such a machine and even more impressive its the first attempt and its kickin ass and taking names. The funny thing is the LFA is even MORE capable with a bigger power bump it will be an even more epic car. He said it was one of the best car he ever drove def in his top five. In another review of the LFA, cant recall which one. Another guys said the LFA was the best driving car he ever drove. Praises dont get any much better then this.
  5. Akira Iida recently confirmed to a passenger in the video that all cars are bone stock. So that Nurburgring edition LFA is bone stock and the exhaust is bone stock.
  6. I agree with the author, hard to fathom how he can speak so articulately while driving so hardcore.  I also wonder how he can remember how the regular LFA feels in comparison to this one, assuming he did not just drive them back to back.  Can drivers really remember one car gripping more than another because of a tire difference a year later?   After seeing this video it makes me wonder why you never see the LFA brought up in the conversation when cars like the 458 Italia and MP4-12C are discussed.  
  7. It's always a treat to watch a video of the LFA doing it's thing,and this is one of my favourite clips. I'd love to see Toyota team up with long-time collaborator Panasonic to make a 3D Blu-ray with the LFA. I'd pay a king's ransom for that.
    • From beginning to end, every iteration from when it first got unvielded at a car show, every evolution of it. Want to see if/when they had the traditional tach hooked uo how it read etc. I'd buy that (would be my first bluray)
  8. The 7:14 video is apparently coming soon (tweet from @lexus_eu) This is all good and all but they need to get out the SP8 class and really prove something around the ring and take on the AUDIS & PORSCHES that dominate the Nurburgring 24hr race
    • I have a feeling next year is going to be a big year for the LFA & Nürburgring. This is only the beginning, I think.
    • I really hope they get the message and record a 7:21 lap for the standard LFA on the "super mediocre tires" that the chief engineer says is possible. I think it is important for both cars and not just Nurburgring edition.
    • I don't think it really matters to be honest I really think once the NE lap is verifyed Lexus have no more to prove.With regards to this lap they have surpassed Ferrari Porsche and many other reputable carmakers best so i mean it matters very little what the stock LFA has done. End of the day Toyota/Lexus have nothing more to prove like all of us people who love the LFA this just verify's what alot of us have known about this car for years and it'll keep alot of the naysayers quiet.
    • Agreed I gotta think they'll want to target a higher placing in the Nurburgring 24 hour race but I think there real target will be the LeMan 24 hour race.
    • Smart -- absolutely agree.
  9. very cool post! thanks alot for sharing!
  10. very cool post! thanks alot for sharing!