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Lexus USA has reported August 2011 sales of 18,103 units, and while that’s down 10.6% compared to a year ago, it’s a very good result compared to the previous three months — especially when it comes to the CT 200h:

MONTH Year to Date (*DSR)
2011 2010 % CHG* 2011 2010 % CHG*
ES 3,887 4,161 -10.2 23,333 30,263 -23.3
CT 2,087 0 N/A 7,408 0 N/A
HS 284 594 -54.0 1,947 7,251 -73.3
LS 816 939 -16.4 5,643 7,575 -25.9
SC 0 35 -100.0 18 257 -93.0
GS 388 619 -39.7 2,794 4,697 -40.8
IS 2,865 3,005 -8.3 18,185 22,247 -18.7
LFA 4 0 N/A 40 0 N/A
Total Cars 10,331 9,353 6.2 59,368 72,290 -18.3
LX 310 379 -21.4 2,047 2,256 -9.7
GX 958 1,227 -24.9 7,424 10,468 -29.4
RX 6,504 8,506 -26.5 51,813 60,476 -14.7
Total Trucks 7,772 10,112 -26.1 61,284 73,200 -16.7
Total Sales 18,103 19,465 -10.6 120,652 145,490 -17.5

Here’s what Lexus USA General Manager Mark Templin had to say during the monthly sales conference call:

August is traditionally a strong sales month for Lexus, and the luxury industry as a whole. With our Lexus Golden Opportunity sales event and our ever-improving supply of vehicles, we’re very pleased with our August sales of 18,103.

One vehicle that continues to be a bright spot for us is the CT 200h, which logged sales of 2,087.

If you recall from our launch plans in March, our goal was to sell 1,000 per month, but we’re actually selling more than double that number. It’s also doing a terrific job bringing new, younger buyers into Lexus. About 40 percent are younger than 45 years old and half of them are new to Lexus.

Another strong performer for us this month was the RX with sales of 6,504. It continues to be the luxury SUV sales leader and our dealers are looking forward to receiving even more of them in the near future.

Regarding production:

Production of the RX from our North American plant in Canada is now full steam ahead. In fact, they’re actually going to build 140 percent of planned production for the 4th quarter.

The most important news for Lexus is that overall Lexus production has improved dramatically and will continue to rise. Vehicle production will be 18 percent higher than the 4th quarter of 2010, so we’ll have plenty of models and variations for customers to choose from through the end of the year.

With production set to jump over the next four months, it’s safe to say that Lexus is gearing up for a strong finish to what’s been a difficult year — the big question for next month: can the CT 200h continue its strong performance? With the imminent release of the CT F-Sport package and a well-stocked inventory, it looks like a safe bet from here.

[Source: Lexus]


Lexus Canada didn’t release their sales figures, but their press release indicates that “Lexus luxury passenger sales up 30% for the best ever August.”


  1. fantastic job !    I would love nothing more if LEXUS could really rise above the March Tsunami setback and supply the dealers with RX, ES, IS, CT Models in abundant numbers. If the Marketing steps up like I hear they will for the next four months, just maybe they could still set records with the number one spot for year #12. If not, I am sure that 2012 will be regained with all the new Models and refreshes coming.
  2. JVX

    Will be interested in seeing how well Lexus is doing by the end of the year.  Look like they're picking up.  Can someone explain the number for the HS?  I wonder what Lexus have in plan for the future of the HS.
  3. Lexus was just 2000 units of BMW and Mercedes..
  4. The most big mistery for me is the 3 series bmw, that car is crappy and overpriced/very unreliable and everybody know that, is not beauty neither compared to the gorgeous IS but it sell more than double. I'm sure it's all about the brand cuz I have no doubt wich one is better.
  5. But  i shoul to consider the fact that the 3 series is on sale in several versions: coupe, Touring, convertible and maybe all those versions are included in the numbers of the month sales
  6. Tim

    Lexus sold 1,206 vehicles in Canada..
  7. Tim

    Who wants to bet that Lexus will sell more then Mercedes-Benz next month in USA..