Video Tour of Five Axis Design Studio

While not expressly about Lexus, this SpoCom video tour of the Five Axis design studio in Huntington Beach, California is a great behind-the-scenes look at one of the world’s preeminent Lexus tuners:

I’m already looking forward to seeing what Troy has planned for the next-generation GS (his current-gen Project GS stands as one of my favorite tuned Lexus ever).


  1. When is this video recorded ? o.O
  2. Video doesn't too new... had the older gen scions there, as well as the Styrofoam models of the 2009 IS F-Sport concept  (demonstrating the front/rear lip) ...   But either way... I love five axis designs ... I currently have the FiveAxis S5:F wheels on my IS 
  3. Troy is awesome! I love his cars!
  4. I like so much models in this video, like the Scion... But I wanted to see anything... 'different' and maybe 'new'.