2012 Lexus CT 200h Information (Including F-Sport Package Details)

2012 Lexus CT 200h

Lexus has just released information on the 2012 CT 200h, which is entering its second model year after a brief 2011 production run.

As to be expected with a brand new model, not much has changed — the CT will be getting a new Vehicle Proximity Notification System (which helps alert pedestrians and cyclists of an oncoming vehicle under certain conditions by emitting a low audible warning sound), and a new Nebula Gray Pearl exterior color will replace Smoky Granite Mica.

The bigger news is official information on the CT 200h F-Sport package, which will be available on the existing Premium model — and even though I already shared the option list, here it is again for completion’s sake:

  • 17-inch wheels with high-gloss finish and F Sport wheel cap
  • Aluminum sport pedals
  • Black headliner
  • Black NuLuxe trimmed seats or perforated black leather-trimmed seats with white perforation holes
  • Exterior colors: Obsidian, Tungsten Pearl, Starfire Pearl, Nebula Gray Pearl, Matador Red Mica or Ultrasonic Blue
  • F Sport exterior badge
  • F Sport-tuned suspension
  • Front grille with mesh pattern
  • Larger rear spoiler
  • Leather-trimmed shift knob
  • Metallic front scuff plates
  • Metallic trim added to dash panel
  •  Perforated leather-trimmed steering wheel with F Sport logo

So far, there’s no pricing and no official photos, but I’m just happy to see Ultrasonic Blue as a color option with this package. More information as I get it.

Read the full 2012 Lexus CT 200h press release


  1. If that sounds can be turned off, I'm fine with that.
  2. If that sounds can be turned off, I'm fine with that.
  3. Excellant design......................Good Luck for your  new releacing
  4. I cant wait to place my order for a 2012 UltraSonic Blue F-SPORT!!!!!
  5. I'm glad to hear they're doing an F-Sport package for the US. Too bad it doesn't have a body kit or front lip though.
    • Yeah -- but I'm sure the body kit will be available for purchase through one of the US online Lexus retailers.
  6. Nice.... but I would rather a F-Model.... not the F-Sport ;)
  7. I think that if Lexus is going to sell a F-Sport car from the factory it NEEDS to come with the lip/bumper STANDARD.... you shouldn't have to buy it separately.
  8. Any idea on what the Proximity Notification System will sound like?
  9. No doubt it's a very, very nice car.  But I cannot tolerate anything that looks like a station-wagon or truck.
  10. Can't wait to get mine and take it to the track!!!