#003 Lexus LFA Takes on Road Atlanta

Lexus LFA on Road Atlanta

Sharif Abdelbaset of Forged Performance had a chance of a lifetime when he scored some seat time in the #003 Silver Lexus LFA at Road Atlanta — first thing’s first, here’s some video of Sharif’s laps (the sound is messed up, skip to the 1:20 mark to go straight to the in-car footage):

Have to say, it takes some serious chutzpah to take someone else’s LFA up to 150mph on a damp track — here’s what Sharif had to say about the experience:

Throughout my career, I’ve driven nearly every high performance sport car on various road course throughout the country. Without a doubt in my mind, the Lexus LFA is the best handling bone stock OEM car I’ve ever driven.

…I still managed a respectable 147mph GPS (155mph indicated) by the breaking zone of T10 which resulted in a 1:37 to 1:38 lap-time. To put this into perspective, a bone stone OEM GT-R would achieve a similar laptime but in the dry and while complaining all the way around the track.

Very cool story — I recommend checking out the full story, along with its accompanying photo gallery, over at the Forged Performance website.

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