#003 Lexus LFA Takes on Road Atlanta

Lexus LFA on Road Atlanta

Sharif Abdelbaset of Forged Performance had a chance of a lifetime when he scored some seat time in the #003 Silver Lexus LFA at Road Atlanta — first thing’s first, here’s some video of Sharif’s laps (the sound is messed up, skip to the 1:20 mark to go straight to the in-car footage):

Have to say, it takes some serious chutzpah to take someone else’s LFA up to 150mph on a damp track — here’s what Sharif had to say about the experience:

Throughout my career, I’ve driven nearly every high performance sport car on various road course throughout the country. Without a doubt in my mind, the Lexus LFA is the best handling bone stock OEM car I’ve ever driven.

…I still managed a respectable 147mph GPS (155mph indicated) by the breaking zone of T10 which resulted in a 1:37 to 1:38 lap-time. To put this into perspective, a bone stone OEM GT-R would achieve a similar laptime but in the dry and while complaining all the way around the track.

Very cool story — I recommend checking out the full story, along with its accompanying photo gallery, over at the Forged Performance website.

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  1. Taking a $375k Lexus on a Track ... should be quite big on pressure !
  2. He is one of the most well respected Nissan GTR tuner and also track races with the time attack Nissan GTR. For him to say, Lexus LFA is hands down the better OEM stock car is a huge complement.
    • Also he mentions that LFA achieves all that "on modest run flat street tires". With R compound track tires, it would be a completely different monster.
    • You can put different tires on the GTR and say the same thing.  For the extra price I think the LFA should be better but only miniscule better.
    • GT-R's Dunlop tires helped it a lot on shorten Track time ... or they could even choose the tire that ZR1 , Z06 , Viper ACR & GT2 RS used on beating Nur Record . But ... if not mistaken LFA is using a tires that Nissan said it's worst to be use for Track race .
    • The LFA is a better car then the GTR inside and out.  The LFA is an exotic.. the GTR is just a cheap way to go fast.
  3. He is one of the most well respected Nissan GTR tuner and also track races with the time attack Nissan GTR. For him to say, Lexus LFA is hands down the better OEM stock car is a huge complement.
  4. Just pay extra bargain price of ~280K for the LFA compare to the GTR with similar lap time... and for no complaining. I can't believe Lexus can under price its vehicles to the rest of market except for the LFA.
    • I think the problem with the LFA is the price and that it became obsolete so quickly.  If I paid $375K for this I should expect it to be king of the road for years, but all of a sudden 2012 GTR can destroy it now in a drag race.  Its a great car but man I wish it would be worth it.
    • What you pay ... is whatever Toyota spent on the LFA in pass 9 years (almost 10) , it's a all new V10 engine with size of a V6 , it's a Toyota's first Automated Manual Gearbox , it's a Toyota's first transaxle setting for FR , it's a CFRP body monoque ... it's even have Lexus's pursuit of perfection in terms of fitting & also the quality . Sum it up ... LFA worth more than that .
    • So you want to hand Toyota 375K for their development of a car that has an inferior or on par performance than Nissan did for a third of the price.  A GTR with a EGO package which probably has comparable finish will still cost less than half an LFA.  I can get a GTR and a Ferrari 458 for one LFA and they both are faster than the LFA. If you're saying a LFA is worth more than 375K, I want what you're smoking.
    • You are missing the point. Money can never measure the feel and control of the LFA. GTFO the GTR's dick it already has the respect it deserves. The GTR beats other 400,000 and up cars like the Porsche Carrera GT, Ferrari Enzo, Mercedes SLR Mclaren, etc... ITS NOT ABOUT THE PRICE!!! Damn a real driver should know that. All of those cars are special in their own merits and worthy of their price even though the GTR can beat them in a "drag race" or whatever. Who cares, its about the driving experience, that, is all its about. If you have to worry about the price at all, you dont need to even show up to the gunfight.
    • 7:22 on a warm up lap. No GTR is not faster than the LFA troll.  LFA SP8 class Nurburgring race with "only" 480 HP detuned engine wins SP8 class race and placed 5th overall in 600 cars in the VLN5 Nurburgring racing series.
    • Oh yeah, LFA placed 42nd in this year's Nurburgring race because it was rear ended by a Porsche GT3 Cup car when the yellow flags prompted cars to slow down. The car was repaired hastily in 4 hours and still placed 42nd. Before it crashed, it was already at 20th by the 10th lap. Learn your facts first before you run your mouth.
    • Yup ! It's amazing because both LFA spent so much time on repair because of crashing & so ... issue , it's still able to finish the race with quite front place . If those issue doesn't happens , LFA is easily Top20 and even near to Top10 ... or even it's a Top10 .
    • On par with Nissan GT-R ? It didn't on par but it's much better , it's mind boggling !
    • Yes, even when it comes from the time-attack modified GTR by Forged performance GTR and one of the most highly regarded tuner in the NAGTROC community that LFA is the best handling car he has ever driven, the haters will remain in their state of denial and continue to diminish the astonishing accomplishment LFA is on every level. Again, 7:22 with a top speed of 293 km/h on the last straight on a warm lap with the Nurburgring according to Lexus capable of less than 7:20 without R compound tires. What else is there to say?
    • LFA > GTR and for your information the 458 Ferrari is NOT FASTER then the LFA. There was a German magazine that took them all on the track and the LFA put down the fastest time out of all the supercars that included lambos the 2010 GTR , 458 and Porsche models.  The ONLY reason the GTR is fast is because they gave it more power. I say give the LFA 600hp and watch it DESTROY the GTR. The LFA is a much better driving and handling car then the GTR give it more power and it will easily dust the GTR 
    • Official factory run fastest lap times: Lexus LFA: 7:22 Ferrari 458 Italia: 7:28 Porsche Carrera GT: 7:29 Enzo Ferrari: 7:25 Nissan GTR: 7:24 R8 V10 GT: 7:36 Porsche GT3 RS: 7:33 These are what their best factory test times were. So how is LFA slow again??
    • BINGO! well said.
    • I think the problem with the LFA is the price and that it became obsolete so quickly.  If I paid $375K for this I should expect it to be king of the road for years, but all of a sudden 2012 GTR can destroy it now in a drag race.  Its a great car but man I wish it would be worth it.
  5. It's funny how you mentioned Porsche Carrera GT, Ferrari Enzo, Mercedes SLR Mclaren at least they had their moment in the sun and they where worth the price when they came out..  The LFA got punked the day it was in production. Oh driving experience, tell that to the drivers who came in 42nd and 151st place in the 24hr Nurburing and the real drivers like Paris Hilton.
    • Shut the F-up... The LFA is the fastest car in world it will destroy that GTR any day of the week.  Stop whining about the measly price of $375,000 it's pocket change in fact I have it in my couch cushions right now.  The LFA is the greatest machine that man created, the exhaust spits out particles of gold and the car is ECO friendly too it reverses the O-Zone affect.  The LFA will save mankind when the machines take over!!!
    • You are obviously clueless and a hater. You don't have your facts straight at all. Hating for the sake of hating.
    • Paris Hilton... are you kidding me..? How about Tiff Needell, who is highly respected, objective, and says the LFA is worth every penny.... Lol wtf is he smoking  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-3PBD1aXD8 Add him to the list of real DRIVERS who all highly acclaim the car, irrespective of price. Your counter-argument based on "days in the sun" is also a joke, wtf is that in terms of the real life driving experience. Im not rich, but i would pick a number of cars over the GTR just based on its weight, computer control, and AWD drive platform, even though it is basically RWD biased most of the time. I want to be able to kick that back end out at will, anytime, not with computers telling me what I can or cant do. That is just one of the reasons the GTR is not, lol perfect. Neither is the LFA, but that money argument is just pathetic in terms of driving. Look at the cheaper McLaren MP-4, why is "everyone" not in love with it  even though it is so good on paper? One more time because of the DRIVING EXPERIENCE, which means looks, sound, weight, balance, power, control/freedom, feel, and most importantly emotional connection. I dont care what I have to spend to get that right combination.
    • I could post a tons of reviews and track tests conducted by professional racers and testers and 99% of them were all nothing but raving about the LFA.
    • You really don't get it do you. LMAO! When you owned a Lexus then get back and let us know, till then just shut up and keep driving your Chevrolet.
  6. Ok chill you win, apparently Lexus owners have deeper pockets.
  7. One word, 7:22 Nurburgring lap time even only on a warm up lap.
  8. Lexus LFA with proper R compound track tires would be a monster on the track unbeatable. Even a hardcore GTR tuner who tunes GTRs for a living said Lexus LFA is the best handling supercar he has ever driven. It is the 9th fastest production car ever to have lapped Nurburgring.
  9. Lexus LFA also holds the record on two tracks of the fastest lap time ever recorded. 10 Goodwood race track, England 2) Circuit De Nevers, France. Also worthy of mentioning, Nissan GTR (2012) is 3 seconds slower than the LFA on these tracks. Similar to how LFA is quicker on the Nurburgring race track.
  10. The only real point is if you could drive one if offered would you, because all the fore mention cars at this level we all would love to drive any day of the week, the LFA was designed to be driven every day by any driver regardless of ability, and that is what makes it truly different to the others,The GTR is also a great car and falls into this catergory, but the life expectancy of a twin turbo motor is far shorter then the LFA twin air induction system and also the maintenance levels are more frequent for the twin turbo motor and will require to be rebuilt after 120,000km, sure there are other that are faster, but it is also the first super performance car by Lexus / Toyota where all the other manufactures have been constructing for decades in this arena. It is the new technology that was developed by Toyota in carbon fibre construction that makes this car unique, there are only two machines in the world capable of weaving the carbon fibre as used in the LFA which sets a new bench mark. For most who have the money to buy these cars the price isn't the issue by the experience that they receive and the rarity to say they own one is enough, not that they will ever push the car to it capabilities without a race driver in the seat. Hence what we have here a race driver showing a owner what his new garage gnome can really do.
    • Not to mention, LFA's engine was derived from the F1 2.5 Liter V10 developed by Toyota racing in Cologne Germany. It is a proper race motor. The throttle response, the 9500 rpm rev limit, the F1 V10 soundtrack etc. are all straight principles from the race engine. Lexus LFA's V10 also won "Evo UK: 2010 best engine of the year" beating out even Ferrari and Porsche engines.
  11. Ok everyone, let's simmer down.
    • Krew I apologize if some of my earlier remarks were out of line, but I was trying to make a point:-) Lol I dont usually make comments at all, but after so much time hearing that lame excuse to dismiss the car from so many, I had enough.... By the way keep up the excellent work with the site and your personal achievements, you really are honoring the Lexus name and heritage with your efforts, your site is one of the best of them out there and your original content such as this post and many others, are to be applauded.... My Highest Regards
    • LOL sorry man . . .
    • I apologize if I'm too over . :)
  12. Evo UK September edition will have a "Ultimate hypercar showdown" and it will be a Lexus LFA vs Ferrari 599 GTO comparison. Too bad Lexus does not have the Nurburgring edition in production yet and only had the standard bue Euro-spec LFA available to compare with the much more hardcore Ferrari 599 GTO.
  13. Check out the Review, specification and much more of Lexus LFA http://bulletinblips.com/index.php?topic=167.0