Lexus CT 200h F-Sport Photos from South Africa

Lexus CT 200h Launch in South Africa

While on the topic of the Lexus CT 200h F-Sport package, take a look at these photos from the Lexus South Africa’s CT press launch:

Such a great looking option package — it really dials up the look of the CT. Be sure to head over to Lexus South Africa’s Facebook Page to see more photos.


  1. Joe

    I like the dark shadow wheels on a white one, but I would prefer another design to create a bigger difference to the normal 17" wheels. It seems though that the front & rear bumper on the South-Africa version is the same as the standard CT, not the modified ones as shown on the Australian (with a larger air intake in the lower part)... ?
  2. The car is sexy..... but two things bother me... the ride height is a bit too high for a "sport" car and in some pics the wheels look really small..   nothing F-Sport lowering springs and some bigger wheels cant fix. 
    • You're right, it deserve of big 18" F sport rims with concept design (those that we saw on that one at the SEMA 2010) and a more lowered springs.
  3. I hope the car drives as good as it looks.  Hopefully it will smash some records on the Nurburing!!!
  4. I wish they would put some quad exhaust on it, it would look really bad ass.
  5. I wonder why they would go with the non-F bumper... IMO.... the F-Sport bumper looks awesome