Lexus LS 460 on 22″ Phantom Forged Wheels

Check out this Neckbreakr photoshoot of a Lexus LS 460 sitting on a set of 22″ Phantom Forged wheels:

Lexus LS 460 on Phantom Forged III Wheels

Lexus LS 460 on Phantom Forged III Wheels

Measuring 22×9.5 +5 on the fronts and 22×11 -2 on the back, these Series III wheels are so insanely deep it creates an optical illusion — what a wild look.

Still, I can’t even imagine what these wheels would do to the ride quality, though the LS is likely one of the only cars that could make it halfway bearable.

[Source: Neckbreakr Via: Club Lexus]


  1. Never thought it can fit 22 ... :o
  2. Have you seen BMW's 21" Star Spoke 128?!
  3. Whatever happens to the ride quality is a fair tradeoff as long as it looks this good.
  4. Sick, those deep dish's are freakin insane... Second look the front looks really funky with that thick of a lip anybody feel me on that one? I'd have it 1 1/2 inches less but I'm liking these bad boys..
    • aha yeah The front is a bit too sharp and stretched in the lower part. The facelift with the redesigned lower fascia sort of helped out with that flaw.
  5. So SICK..... the LS smooth body really make the wheels look just at home
    • The LS, along with the amazing paint finish, is a beautiful car! The way the side panels curve from top to bottom and the subtle concave arch on top of the trunk that leads you up the rear windshield... can't find that on the S-class and 7-series!
    • I love that arch right above door handles that runs from the back of the car alllllll the way to the front. Such a small yet strong effect. 
    • Yeah man! The LF-S concept became the 3gen GS, but one particular feature showed up on the ES instead: the concave arch that runs from the headlights, above the doorhandles, to almost the taillights - an amazing touch! Only have of that arch is present on the HSh lol
    • Every detail of the LS is extremely elegant and unique, I like how there is a line which travels the front grille all the way to the back.. I also like the door feel of the LS460/600h, it doesn't feel heavy, it's just 'right' when you shut it..
  6. I like the rims...  Just wondering if they make any 20" rims Phantom Forged Series III...  Just wondering how much it is..?  Will they fit on a GS..?