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Comparison: Lexus CT 200h vs. Nissan Leaf vs. VW Golf GTD

Lexus CT 200h vs. Nissan Leaf vs. VW Golf GTDThis Auto Express video showdown between the Lexus CT 200h, Nissan Leaf & VW Golf GTD had all the potential for a very interesting comparison, but ultimately fizzles with its focus on superficial testing criteria rather than examining the differences between the three models.

(Not to spoil the drama, but the Golf GTD comes out on top, with the Leaf second and the CT 200h third.)

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If wanted special , I get Nissan Leaf ... if wanted more save fuel , I get VW Golf GTD . But I'm Toyota Motor Co.'s diehard fans , so gimme White Lexus CT200h please .
  • S
  • June 15, 2011
Every review has praised the CT's steering and handling, where it fails is acceleration but that's for the better fuel economy. Meanwhile nothing was said of the Golf's power train and whether it's noisier, dirtier or less reliable. 
    • K
    • June 20, 2011
    This is exactly what I thought -- there was so much room here to really compare three very different drivetrains, but that wasn't even talked about. 
haters gonna hate
  • J
  • June 16, 2011
What a completely ridiculous comparison test !  If they compare on rational arguments, an Audi A3 would never win from a Golf either, especially if list price is the one single basis of choice. 
  • S
    Sammy Carr
  • June 20, 2011
VW makes a unreliable car that is trouble from the first mile! The Leaf can only go 70-100 miles. While the Lexus CT 200h may not be as peppy, I found it to drive well and act quite sporty. Yes, it's refined and quiet but its also comfortable and the controls are perfect. Lexus has innovated a car that can drive with a battery and get terrific fuel economy and also be a wonderful and refined luxury car!