Lexus SC 430 commercial sums up exactly what I'd love to be doing this weekend -- driving with the top down." /> Lexus SC 430 Commercial: Perfect Day | Lexus Enthusiast
  • Anonymous
  • June 3, 2011
The clip in the beginning seems to have been used in a lot of Lexus commercials. Whoever reminded me that the SC steering wheel is the same as the one on the Corolla really ruined things for me, even more so than the time when I found out my LX 470 has the same steering wheel as the last generation Camry's.
  • H
  • June 4, 2011
The only reason some interior parts of Toyotas are shakers with Lexus is due to their very ergonomicial design.. I've recently been inside a LS600HL (4 seater) and it has to be the most beautiful and highest quality and finest interior I have ever been in.. (not only is the current LS in it's 5th birthday, it has better interior then new 2011 German rivals A8, 7 series..) But to be honest I don't think it's fair to compare the Lexus LS interior to the A8 or 7 series as it seems they're too different..