Lexus ES Among Best Selling Luxury Cars in China

Lexus ES 240 in ChinaThe Lexus ES is the fourth best selling luxury sedan in China, according to an article published yesterday by the Detroit Free Press.

In 2010, the Lexus entry-level sedan moved 28,971 units, a 56% jump over the 2009 numbers and most likely due to the introduction of the lower-powered (& less taxed) ES 240.

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  1. One thing i don't understand .. why did Lexus use the 'older' 2.4 4-cyl (2AZ-FE) instead of the newer, more refined, more powerful yet more fuel efficent 2.5 4-cyl (2AR-FE) ... mmm !! 
  2. I still remember the the ES 300 my dad purchased when I was a little boy. It was priced in the same category as ultra-luxury vehicles in the US! The Middle East surprisingly faces the same problem in most regions.
  3. Hong Kong was once a land of Mercedes-Benz, go there now and I will guarantee you will find more Lexus then Mercedes in Hong Kong.. Europe is the only market where Lexus just will not crack into and dominate
    • PG

       Even in Europe Lexus seems to make great progress with the CT. But you're right, compared to other parts of the world Europe is a very difficult market for Lexus.
    • There's just too much history to compete with in Europe -- I'd say Europe is Lexus' biggest challenge. The CT is a step in the right direction, though.
  4. Who cares  the other brands