Looking Back at the Lexus LF-Xh Concept

Thought it would be interesting to go back and take a look at the Lexus LF-Xh, the concept crossover that led to the current RX — here’s a great video of it (though I recommend turning down the sound, it’s a bit blown out):

I had forgotten how impressed I was with the interior design, I love that sweeping center console and think the Lexus design team did an excellent job translating it into what we see in the RX.

What I do remember is the surprise that came with the LF-Xh, it really seemed like a radical departure from the second generation RX — and in many ways, the production model took equal parts from the concept and the previous generation:

Lexus LF-Xh

Lexus RX 450h

Lexus RX 350

What an evolution of the RX — I see so many on the roads, it’s easy to forget just how impressive the original crossover really is.


  1.  Too bad it didn't look like the Lf-Xh.  I'd actually buy one if it did.
    •  The main look is still there ... the LF-Xh's exterior have too much stuff can't be nicely apply on production car , but thankfully they still manage to keep the amazing look on the production car though ! The only things that I don't like on the new RX is the front end , it looks weird . And via this evolution , I can imagine how GS looks like ... in the future .
    • You have to look at the front end from a different perspective. Forget aggressive and think of descriptions such as "cute". Also, in some angles, it's rather sharp too!
    •  Yeah ... looks on some angle it's nice , but overall still not that nice enough . Maybe some facelift would made it looks better ? haha
    • Yes -- I was thinking about the GS/LF-Gh when I posted this. :-) 
    •  I'll see what I can do on Photoshop ... XD
  2. I've really come to like the RX, but it's still not the LF-Xh. However, I want the RX just the way it is and make the LF-Xh the JX or an ultra-recognizable RXh F!
    • I agree with you totally---the concept should become a higher version of the current RX. Beefier, sportier, more powerful---the design is ready for the public really when you see the boldness of cars coming out today----come on Lexus bring it on and make the RX line a niche in itself like the Prius nameplate is evolving. 
    • Well, Lexus has plenty to play with if they're seriously considering putting out a smaller CUV. 
  3.  I have to agree with the general sentiment The production RX lost something important when it changed from the concept The concept was more upright, but more confident The lines in the production model sag or melt at the corners. Maybe it's more feminine in it's style, and maybe that is good for it's customer base But I had a different expectation based on the concept The LFA concept was very different in style than the production model Maybe the GS will change significantly too BD