Pistonheads Reviews the (Used) Lexus SC 430

Lexus SC 430 ReviewNow that the second-generation Lexus SC 430 sales have finally stopped, buying used is the only way to get your hands on one — which is something that British website Pistonheads strongly recommends with their hilarious review of the 2001-2010 model.

As the review colorfully explains, the SC 430 is now an excellent option to used car buyers, especially when the model barely changed throughout its ten-year run.

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  1. Please stop by Pohanka Lexus in Chantilly, VA on Rt. 50. We have the last new SC430.
  2. This needs to succeed as an LS coupe while the next GS-based coupe should be more like the first-gen SC!
  3. there's only one of these in my country
  4. "Jewish Racing Gold" That's hilarious (or is it wrong)! Pre-Owned is the way to go. I just got my first Lexus yesterday; a CPO 2006 LS 430 and I'm loving it! I wanted the new GS, but I just didn't like the direction it was going in.
    • Wow, congrats! Great pick -- if my wife didn't want a CT 200h, chances are a LS 430 would be our next car. Be sure to post up some photos here when you get a chance! What color combo did you get?
  5. Thanks krew! It is Mercury metallic with black interior. It's kind of funny that I went to test drive a CT 200h, but I guess they are impossible to get. I test drove this just because I have never driven one, and the rest is history. The most amazing sedan I have ever driven (I have driven the LS 460). This car has 50,000 miles on it and feels brand new. This is why I think Lexus CPO is a great way to go. I'll try to take some pics tomorrow. 
    • It's safe to say you've scored one of my favorite Lexus of all time -- especially in that color combination. So happy for you!
  6. I have admired Lexus since the beginning. Don't know why it took me so long to get one. But now that I have one I finally "Get It".
    • Such a great car -- that interior looks spotless.  Glad you're sticking with us, I was concerned by your disappointment in the LF-Gh. :-) 
  7. how do u change PERFECT.
  8. I love mine. 2005 430SC (6)  in Black with Ivory. As far as I am concerend its better than the Audi S4 in the way that it goes and eats up the miles and the sound system is just something else. Pistonheads have it right. No i wouldnt have payed £59000 for it but then I wouldnt pay that for any car. But I got this for the price of a two year old Golf I know which I would rather have and its not the German. The most relaxing car I have ever driven and in snow the LSD and the throttle response control make it very managable. It will overtake most things on the road in real style and it stops when you want it too. The 6 speed auto box is as good as a manual it gives engine breaking and having compared it to the similar box from BMW its miles ahead. I am an engineer and this is one of the best put together cars you can get. Owning a 430SC  proved one thing to me.  Those idiots on Top Gear know nothing about cars.
  9. Just finally found my dream car after most of a 2 year search. Matador red 2006 SC430. Always serviced by original Lexus dealer. Believe it or not had never been in rain or snow and had only 18,547 miles on spedo when I drove it off the dealer floor. Absolutely the finest car I have ever driven and will be with me til my end. A real eye turner including factory chrome wheels.