The Motor Report Reviews the Lexus CT 200h F-Sport

Lexus CT 200h F-SportAustralian website The Motor Report has published what I believe is the first english-language review of the Lexus CT 200h F-Sport package.

Outside of some exterior design tweaks, the CT F-Sport is equipped with a firmer suspension — too bad the review glosses over this fact, only mentioning that might be too stiff for Australian roads. Still, it’s worth a read for a broad overview of this sport-tuned CT.

Read the CT F-Sport Review


  1. The CT200h has been widely panned in the UK motoring press, mainly because of the feeble engine, but also because of its horrendously hard, unforgiving ride. We in the UK have some of the worst road surfaces in the developed world. Lexus is meant to represent luxury. How is a bumpy ride luxurious? I want a Lexus that smooths and isolates the potholes and ridges. Not accentuates them. Lexus, if you're reading this, please fix asap.
    • I don't know that I would call the CT's ride "horrendously hard" -- it's certainly stiff, but that looks to go with Lexus' new push towards a sportier feel.
  2. Someone needs to explain to me why being sporty means having a bumpy ride. Jaguar has always managed to be very sporty, yet have a sublime ride.
  3. if the road is smoot the riad is smoot bat if it is bumpy the riad is bumpy