First British Lexus LFA Debuts at Goodwood

Lexus UK debuted the #016 LFA this weekend at the Goodwood Breakfast Club — here’s video from the event:

Great reaction from the crowd — and what a beautiful color combination. Looking forward to seeing it more & more over the coming months (I’ve been told some track time is next on the list, and I’m sure it will make an appearance at Salon Privé in June.)

(Thanks Grant!)


  1. The LFA is just elegant and raw at the same time. I love it. Btw after you finish watching the main video... there another video that comes up from you tube that displays the same blue LFA a bit better
  2. I love the little boy giggling and grinning at the engine noise about a minute into the clip.
  3. Damn, that's very nice .. I always k ew Lexus was better then the Germans