Imagining the Next-Generation Lexus GS

Master photochopper Theophilus Chin has put together his best estimate of what the next-generation Lexus GS could look like, and I think he’s right on the money:

2012 Lexus GS by Theophilus Chin
2012 Lexus GS by Theophilus Chin Rear

By blending the LF-Gh with the other recent design cues we’ve seen with the refreshed 2011 IS and CT 200h, I think Chin has been able to hit very close to what we can expect to see with the next-generation GS.

I’m still forming an opinion on the front-end — it might be a little too close to the CT, though it wouldn’t be all that surprising to see something very similar on the production model. There’s definitely a push by luxury car manufacturers to chose a general overall design and then spread it straight through the entire market.

Have to say, I really like what Chin’s been able to do with the rear of the LF-Gh — by bringing in the current IS rear light design, it’s really brightened up the back. Add in the door handles and side-mirrors, and the car starts looking much more like a modern, next-generation Lexus.

[Source: Theophilus Chin]