Lexus LF-Gh Concept Photo Gallery

Lexus LF-Gh Photo Gallery

Along with the LF-Gh press release, Lexus has published a massive 44 image photo gallery of their next-gen GS concept — here’s the full set:

What I find interesting about the LF-Gh is how it blends together existing design elements from the Lexus lineup — there’s traces of the IS-F, CT & LS throughout the exterior, especially in the side profile:

Lexus LF-Gh Side Profile

I am sad that the fastback design of the previous generation has been replaced with a more conventional mid-size sedan shape, though I do like that the car looks more balanced — the 3rd gen GS always looked out of proportion with its tapered front-end and the bulging rear.

As for the front-end and its massive grille — without some over-the-top touches, it wouldn’t really be a concept car, would it? There’s surely going to be a bumper of some description straight across the full grille in the production version, and the overall hourglass shape is something I quite like personally.

But for as loud as the front-end is, I find the rear to be lacking definition — there’s no real standout design element, aside from the integrated side vents. I do like the minor diffuser though.

I’m going to spend the next couple hours looking over the photos — check back later for some LF-Gh desktop wallpapers!

[Source: Lexus]


  1. hmm...why do they always forget the side mirrors on the concept cars??
  2. If I understand things correctly,the LF-Gh is a bit closer to how the production GS will look than the LF-Ch was to the CT. As much as I liked the LF-Ch,I like the CT even better. I do hope the production GS will be a gentle evolution of this stunner. I´m intrigued by the claim the the new GS will be all hybrid. I wonder what that holds for the rumoured GS-F. I can´t see a CVT gearbox on an F-model. You´ll want more control over engine revs in car like that. Is there perhaps a new hybrid technology on the way?
  3. boring! although the interior looks interesting....I was expecting something more.
  4. JVX

    I have to agree with the rear needing more details and attention. Nothing spectacular. When the LF-Ch concept first appear, it was totally different and special. The LF-Gh does have some styles borrowed from the IS, CT, and previous GS.
  5. The current third-gen GS looks nice but I never liked the bulky, fast-back curve it or the IS had. I like how this has some hard-lines to it. It kind of looks plain from the side, rear-end, and some angles. Still looking forward to the car though! It's about time for a new GS design. :)
  6. Looks better in person i think,here is small video :
  7. I agree with Krew. It's not bad, but the front grill needs to have a line separating it into halves. The side and back seem to be lacking something.
  8. I look at the pictures of this car and I'm reminded of the first time I held my newborn son in the labor and delivery room immediately following his birth. I looked down upon the scrunched up slimy face and thought to myself, "Damn this baby is ugly" ! Am hoping that like my kid this car begins to grow on me, was less than a week after my boy's birth that I was telling everyone that I had the best looking kid that was ever born.
  9. Tooo... CONSERVATIVE?!
  10. Tooo... CONSERVATIVE?!
  11. As a current-gen GS owner, I'm disappointed. the LF-Gh's shape doesn't look particularly graceful like the current-gen LS does and it's lost the sporty fastback profile of the current-gen GS. I hate how the C pillar treatment is almost an identical copy of the E60 5 Series. Overall, this concept doesn't have the finesse of Lexus cars just a few years ago - take those flash 20" wheels away and you'd just be left with a conservative 4 door that's hardly distinguishable from any other. Also, the interior design of the door panel is uninspired. Compare it with the different shapes evident in the current-gen's design - might see what I mean.
  12. I am so sad. I have always been a huge fan of the GS. With the slow sales of the current one (and I love the exterior style of the current one) I was so hoping the new one would knock it out of the park. I actually had every intention of buying the new GS. But after seeing these photos, I am really reconsidering. It is absolutely bland except for the overdone show car bits that just look completely out of place and not at all inspiring. Seriously Kia and Hyundai influences here. Lexus, please start getting some outside help with your styling. Yamaha did wonders with the LFA engine, maybe they can do exteriors too.
    • I would temper your disappointment with the fact that this is a concept -- a lot will still happen with the design as it moves to the production model.
    • You are correct. This is just my typical knee-jerk reaction. Everyone has their own idea about which direction Lexus should be going with their styling evolution, and this concept just wasn't what I had hoped for (especially that grille). But you're right that the production car could be significantly different. Thanks for calming me down.
    • You are correct. This is just my typical knee-jerk reaction. Everyone has their own idea about which direction Lexus should be going with their styling evolution, and this concept just wasn't what I had hoped for (especially that grille). But you're right that the production car could be significantly different. Thanks for calming me down.
    • You are correct. This is just my typical knee-jerk reaction. Everyone has their own idea about which direction Lexus should be going with their styling evolution, and this concept just wasn't what I had hoped for (especially that grille). But you're right that the production car could be significantly different. Thanks for calming me down.
    • :-) Concept cars have a tendency to be simplistic in some areas and overdone in others, it's hard to really judge. I always go back to how the CT 200h turned out -- Lexus really fixed all the issues I had with the LF-Ch concept, this could be the same thing.
  13. After watching the video, it appears that the car is just too slab sided with very little definition except for the poorly done ground effects treatment. The one good thing I can say about the profile is that there is a hint of the LS, which to me is one of the best styled cars on the road.
    • That's what has me excited about the LF-Gh, it's the way it's blending the LS & IS together -- in a way, the third-gen GS stood apart from the sedan lineup in its design, and this brings it closer in step with the other models.
    • "...there is a hint of the LS, which to me is one of the best styled cars on the road". The pre-facelift LS that is, not the LSh with the plastic slab for a grille, which by the way makes this LF-Gh grille look like a Rolls-Royce.
    • I only see the LS in the silhouette, and I'm very very happy about that. ;-)
  14. It screams Akio and production ready. I love it.
  15. man this car looks AWESOME!! such aggressive looking but at the same time very elegant from the side and rear. the front looks too sporty i think, if they tone down the front then it would look fantastic!
  16. It looks good, but it has some aspects which makes it more like a German luxury then a Lexus.. For me the perfect car is the LS, it will simply never get old, it has a truly timeless design.. The current GS is also very nice.. This doesn't seem to fit in the L-finesse design language.. After all isn't Lexus all about luxury, comfort and unsurpassed refinement? I just hope Lexus don't lose their 1989 philosophy.. I still love the LS400, up to this day it's still one hell of a car!
    • That's funny that you mentioned a German design influence, I think the LF-Gh is all Japan (other than a similar rear to the E60 BMW 5).
    • But isn't Lexus design chief a British guy? definitely European I think. Plus this GS concept is similar in theme to the LF-Sh concept which previewed the current LS , which was done by the aforementioned person (whose name I can't recall).
    • You're thinking of Simon Humphries, who just became the General Manager of Lexus & Toyota Design strategy last year -- he would definitely have input at the higher levels but in terms of implementing the design, that would be more on the part of Kengo Mat­sumoto, who is the gen­eral man­ager of the Lexus Design Divi­sion and featured prominently in the LF-Gh press release.
    • Yes,it's Simon Humphries, thanks Krew. Wasn't he responsible for inventing the L-Finesse design with the current GS, followed by IS & LS...
  17. Any of US see the 2013 lexus LS photoshop KREW posted april 11th with the lexus LF-Gh will have same grill OR same design?
    • It wouldn't surprise me to see the production GS have a similar front grille to that LS photochop.
    • I expect the production grille will have some sort of separation between the upper & lower sections for the license plate housing, but mounted within the grille itself. As mentioned in the press release, this so called 'spindle' grille may become Lexus' future face, so I reckon the chromed outline of the grille will be retained, but the slat design may change. @Krew:BTW has Lexus mentioned the launch date for the production car?
  18. Any of US see the 2013 lexus LS photoshop KREW posted april 11th with the lexus LF-Gh will have same grill OR same design?
  19. I love it ! The majority complained for years that Lexus needed to be more aggressive and bold----well what do you think this is ? Akio has made great advancements and is steering the ship into a much needed territory. I say keep it going......the front is my favorite part----the wheels, wide tires and ezpecially the pronounced wheel well make this a hit. I do, however, agree with others that the slba side and back could improve. The similarity to LS profile is good, but a bit too plain. Add some reflectors to the rear end and nore aggressive tail lights and this thing will be outstanding-----I am looking forward to the production GS in all.
  20. I like it, but in the same way I like the outgoing 5-series. I've never really liked the rear slope of the GS, but Audi has shown that fastback can be done well (A5/A7) I'd rather see the GS go in that direction over this old 5-series look. Then again, I'm not in the target demographics.
    • I figure it just opens up a new opening in the lineup for something like the A7/CLS. :-)
    • That's a good idea, just occured to me that a future GS coupe with a more sleeker & lower look could be in the works, hence the more upright & distinct sedan profile to this car...but I could be wrong
  21. As a current Lexus sales consultant, I will have to say that there are many aspects of this concept (and for all the nay-sayers, please remember it is a concept) that I truly enjoy. The first thing is the aggressive styling in the front. Few vehicles on the road, or in the current-gen GS' class, can match its drive and performance, but they have the aggressive stance and look that makes them stand out. i.e. 5-series BMer, certain S-class Benz, and the newer Audis. When people see those cars, they have a "mean" look to them and make you believe they have the performance their looks define. The GS currently lacks that, although I would still have it over any of the others any day of the week.......especially with the Active Stabilizer on a GS460!! I have felt the GS needed to have that same WOW factor when people see it and will immediately know what the car is and who makes it. With this styling, especially if you see it coming up behind you at night with this concept, no one would EVER NOT know that this was a Lexus GS about to blow their doors off. Second is the fact that it does take a certain amount of styling cues from the LS. Why not borrow some lines from a car that has been rated one of, if not THE, finest luxury cars in the world?!?!?! And third, with a few expected tweeks that the production version will most likely have, the rear-end has a nice, fat, squatty, muscular definition to it that currently is lacking on the GS with its rounded edges. I say great job and I can't wait to get the final design and performance specs because I am tired of seeing the Infiniti M hybrid commercials trying to dog a much superior engineered vehicle with their rolling piles of cold plastic and metal cr@p!!!
    • Great comment -- I agree with a lot of your points, especially that there's nothing wrong with the GS borrowing design elements from the LS, and that the more aggressive, "mean" look is what's needed to get this car selling well. Thanks for stopping by!
    • But at least its not a 'smaller' sized LS like BMW does with its cars. On the road I keep mistaking a new 5 for a 3 series, or a 7 for a 5 series, this just shows a lack of innovation at BMW. I'll bet all their employees wear the same outfit to work & must look like clones of the same person. 20th century BMW = The ultimate driving machine 21st " BMW = Same box different size
    • I think there's a balance -- my theory is that there needs to be room for variation in the lineup, but neither Audi or BMW seem to subscribe to that way of thinking. I prefer the way Mercedes does it -- every model is relatively unique.
    • I agree, the S, E, & C classes have distinctly different designs easily distinguishable on the road.
    • No offence, but isn't this a blatant sales pitch for Lexus? I know the current GS is a fantastic car as I own a 2006 GS300, but Its biggest flaw is it looks too small & its dimensions don't match the Germans'. Also the ES is far more spacious in the back.
    • I don't see any sales pitch, I know I'd be excited to be getting this car if I was a salesperson. ;-)
    • & the commission that goes with it, HA, HA
  22. the side looks LS/ISish and the back looks like an audi A4. I can't wait to see the final production unit. Any news on availability?
    • Just that this prototype will be at the NYIAS auto show next week. ;-) I'd say we're a good distance away from seeing the production model.
  23. It doesn't even look like a LS.. you must be blind.. And BMW I don't like them because I hate their hard and plastic interior.. They don't even smell good.. the 90's BMW were good.. Though
    • I've noticed that Bimmer switches don't have that tactile pleasure Lexus' switches have that make you want to keep pushing them on-off, on-off, on-off.....
  24. Having owned a number of GS's , and still own a current model , I do hope the production model is a lot better looking than the concept. It does nothing for me, I would have to buy something else next time if it isn't a lot better. Looks like a previous BMW 5 series!! Bryan, New Zealand