Lexus LF-Gh Concept Photo Gallery

Lexus LF-Gh Photo Gallery

Along with the LF-Gh press release, Lexus has published a massive 44 image photo gallery of their next-gen GS concept — here’s the full set:

What I find interesting about the LF-Gh is how it blends together existing design elements from the Lexus lineup — there’s traces of the IS-F, CT & LS throughout the exterior, especially in the side profile:

Lexus LF-Gh Side Profile

I am sad that the fastback design of the previous generation has been replaced with a more conventional mid-size sedan shape, though I do like that the car looks more balanced — the 3rd gen GS always looked out of proportion with its tapered front-end and the bulging rear.

As for the front-end and its massive grille — without some over-the-top touches, it wouldn’t really be a concept car, would it? There’s surely going to be a bumper of some description straight across the full grille in the production version, and the overall hourglass shape is something I quite like personally.

But for as loud as the front-end is, I find the rear to be lacking definition — there’s no real standout design element, aside from the integrated side vents. I do like the minor diffuser though.

I’m going to spend the next couple hours looking over the photos — check back later for some LF-Gh desktop wallpapers!

[Source: Lexus]