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Stunning HD Video of Lexus LFA in VLN 1 Nürburgring Race

While the Lexus LFA appearances are sporadic at best, this seven minute video from last week’s VLN series opener at Nürburgring is great viewing on quality alone:

Whenever I see the LFA out on the track, I always startled by how futuristic it looks compared to the competition, and how it really doesn’t remind me of any other car — just pure L-Finesse.

(For the record, I spotted the LFA at :56, 2:57, 3:39, 5:38 & 6:28.)

[Via: Ron Cooney’s Twitter]

  • Anonymous
  • April 11, 2011
WOWOWOW!!! I JUST LOVE HOW THE LFA STANDS OUT!!! Thanks for sharing this video with us!!! LEXUS NEEDS TO SUPPLY US WITH MORE FOOTAGES!!! I think the only way for now is to try to achieve the Top 20 starting position again at the 24h race! That would provide the team with the flashing blue light and onboard cameras, I believe.
  • P
  • April 11, 2011
just wondering why doesnt any production lfa sound like this earlier prototype testing