TOM’s Planning Lexus CT 200h Body Kit & Exhaust System?

According to the CT 200h Club of Malaysia, long-time Japanese Lexus tuner TOM’s is looking into creating a CT 200h body kit — here’s some mockups:

Lexus CT 200h Body Kit by TOM's'

Lexus CT 200h Body Kit by TOM's'

The kit follows the pattern set by the Modellista body kit with a fairly plain front and a rear diffuser, though the TOM’s rendition is more angular.

TOM’s does have a working version put together, which clearly shows their a new exhaust system as well:

Lexus CT 200h Exhaust System by TOM's

Lexus CT 200h Exhaust System by TOM's'

Really like the dual exhaust setup, and it’s clearly up to the quality standards expected from the revered tuner. Looks like we could see a finished product any time.

[Source: Lexus CT 200h Club of Malaysia]


  1. Great ! Why not ?
  2. Looks great!
  3. Very professional! I LIKE!
  4. Not bad! Much more tasteful than some of the others. That's a lot of exhaust for 1.6 liters!
  5. My bad... then I guess it's just the right amount exhaust!
  6. Never thought Lexus would make a car I would never consider owning.
  7. I see three different rear bumpers don't I? I like the bottom one best. The more I drive around in my 13 mpg gas hog, the more attractive this car looks to me.
  8. The More i look at the CT the more i like it ... will undoubtedly prove to be a valuable addition to the Lexus line-up. Job Well Done !! ps. the above pics look great.