New Lexus CT 200h Owner Shares First Impressions

Lexus CT 200h Reader ReviewThe Kicking Tires blog has an extremely positive reader-submitted review of the Lexus CT 200h that takes exception to the Prius comparisons: “…some people say the CT 200h is an overpriced Prius. I beg to differ. Go drive a Prius, a Ford Fusion Hybrid and Toyota Camry Hybrid like I did and you’ll never want to get out of this car!”

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  1. I've recently purchased a CT200h Premium, and find it a brilliant all-round car. I've previuosly been fortunate to have owned BMW530D's, Jaguar XF, and basically larger executive cars. I've only been driving this car for a few weeks, but am already impressed with it's quality, quietness, and sheer enjoyment behind the wheel. I don't know where all of the negative comments come from.
    • Thanks for sharing, O. Andrew! The only real complaint I've heard about the CT, beyond the some subjective comments about the exterior/interior, is that it just doesn't have enough power, and I only think that's applicable with highway driving. Enjoy your purchase!
  2. i just bought CT200h F sport  flame blue honestly to say  I AM REALLY HAPPY WITH THE CAR i just like the shape of the body and inside a lot of peoples said its looks like a mazda 3 yes it looks similar but its much better looking than the mazda3 and  its not as slow as people think considering  the engine capacity of 1.8 litre i think lexus did a good job than any other cars out there with the same engine capacity so if you guys  wanna fast cars then its simple  get an ISF or IS350 f sport or AMG