Site Update: Disqus Comments

Lexus Enthusiast 7.0

In order to bring the comment system some much needed new features, I’ve decided to try out Disqus.

Disqus is the same system used by Engadget & Mashable, and makes it easy to respond directly to other comments, along with being able to “like” comments, respond to comments via email, and edit your comments.

Besides the old standard name & email standard guest posting, it’s now also possible to leave comments using your Facebook or Twitter accounts — you can also register for a Disqus account if you want to track your comments on the site, but no account is necessary to comment.

The plan is to try out the new commenting system over the next couple weeks and see if works — but my feeling is that the new features will balance out the disruption.

(P.S. I’m still working on getting the recent comments in the sidebar up & running.)



  1. Commenting to try out the new system! Nataraj
  2. Good move Kevin, I've been using Disqus for over a year on all my sites. By the way, you do a fantastic job here. Thank you.
    • Thanks Mike -- appreciate it. I'm impressed with Disqus so far, but more importantly, I just didn't think the standard Wordpress comment system scales very well when adding features. I'm also happy that spam comments will have a harder time getting through. Curious -- do you still run a spam plugin with Wordpress?
    • I don't run Wordpress - I use Drupal on all my sites. I used to use Mollom anti Spam, but since switching to Disqus, Spam just doesn't get through any more.
    • This site ran Drupal for some time, but the platform required too much time investment to stay on top of. It probably remains one of my favorite versions of the site, though. :-)
  3. Jay

  4. testing commenting.
  5. Comment test
    • If this new comment system means more comments from lexusboy, I should have installed it months ago! :-)
    • HA, HA. good one, Krew :-) Thanks for missing me! Sorry for not being able to post comments more frequently, but I'll try to annoy you guys more ;-)
    • Is this LEXUSBOY?! Where have you been?! And what is with your avatar?!
    • Hi, WOL!... been busy with a few things, hence less commenting. The avatar is a Merc CL's steering, a car I wish Lexus would compete with...
    • That would be so nice...
    • I was going to mention the steering wheel myself, did you make a new purchase?
    • Sigh... I wish. Maybe someday. I think you would interested to know that I am currently thinking of getting a used LS430, ie the facelifted model, preferebly 2006. If I can find one in Onyx Black with Ecru semi-aniline leather.
    • ...and the 6-spoke rims, not the 5-spokers that I think came with the sport suspension.
    • Brilliant color combo on top of an excellent model choice. You had me worried with the CL steering wheel!
  6. Let's try that again:
  7. Trying it out...
  8. Welcome to the Lexus/Toyota World of Kaizen! Hai!
  9. hmmm.... so how do I edit? (I think I m posting as a guest if that matters)
    • Turns out that you have to be using either a Disqus, Twitter, or Facebook account to edit comments -- from the Disqus FAQ:
      If you're logged into Disqus (or a remote account such as Facebook or Twitter), you may edit your comment. You can only edit a comment if it hasn't yet received a reply - this is to preserve the context of the conversation.
  10. @Krew : It seems the Disqus system requires me to login even when I open articles is separate windows. Is that normal? Also do I have to login for other articles opened in the same window?
    • Hmm -- I would try clearing either clearing your cache or deleting the TLE cookies. I haven't had any problem with staying logged in. Let me know if that works!
    • Damn! now I'm unable to sign in with my profile altogether. seems deleting the cookies didn't work...
  11. I didn't have any problems with Disqus yesterday, have to comment as "guest" now :-(
    • Did you try logging in directly to the Disqus site?
    • It seems I'm already logged in at the Disqus site,the problem is I sign in from the Disqus box above the comments section with password,but my profile doesn't activate in the add comment box.
  12. Everytime I want to leave a comment I have to re-enter my e-mail and screen name. I don't use Twitter or Facebook (and I never will) so maybe that's the problem?
  13. @Krew : Login is working fine now.
  14. Good call! Here to comment!
  15. Fuel efficiency varies widely from one car to the next. Obviously you can check the EPA rating for city/highway MPG on the window sticker, although most of us know the average car never reaches those numbers.
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  19. Getting quite a bit of spam in this thread, going to shut it down now.