Lexus LFA Launch Control Video

Here it is, the first recorded use of the Lexus LFA’s Launch Control feature:

It almost looks like the driver was startled by the Launch Control and let’s up a bit, but no matter, the speed here is just plain insane. Going by a guesstimate time, it looks like the LFA hits 260km (163 mph) in about 19 seconds.


[Source: RollaXRS]


  2. I just had an idea for my alarm clock buzzer sound
  3. WOW... just wow... my life goal now is to own a LFA and to hold me till 2030 I'll see if I get an IS-F
  4. *Jaw drops* awesome. Can the throttle be let up when auto launch is engaged? What about performing an emergency breaking procedure during launch . I can only imagine how awesome launching the car into the horizon is *sigh*
  5. wow..the sound of that engine so... special.
  6. Just look at how fast the transmission shifts. The car just keeps accelerating and accelerating. No holes, no waits, no gaps. Just flat out torque from 3000 - 9500 rpm. Everywhere!!! What an amazing torque curve even at 9500 rpm it pulls like a freight train.
  7. @Get­z­man: According to the LFA manual, Launch control disengages as soon as you lift from the throttle (interpreted as a corner coming up). You need to keep the gas pedal floored for the launch control to continue working.
  8. @05RollaXRS : Thanks for the info, very informative as usual. Cheers:-) love the way the digital rev meter turns red at shift points. Very agressive launching setup. cant get enought of this car!
  10. A frightening sound...but I loved it!!8-)
  11. new lexus ad. i want pics :D
  12. Anyone figure out the 0-100 kph with the launch control active?
  13. @jesseps: 0 - 100 km/h mean nothing. Only measure of traction off the line. The track was slightly moist so it did not grip as well off the line, but once it got traction, it pulled like a freight train right uptill 260 km/h. It was actually around 4 seconds for 0 - 100 km/h.