Tokyo Auto Salon: Lexus Collection

Lexus at the Tokyo Auto Salon

While the official Lexus display at the Tokyo Auto Salon held most of our attention this last week, there was also a number of Lexus vehicles spread out among various body kit manufacturer displays — TLE reader & Flickr member CLF shares some photos:

I may not be a fan of Wald’s Black Bison LS bodykit, but I do like what they did with the LSh grille:

Lexus LS 600hL Grille

However, my favorite Lexus at TAS wasn’t a Lexus at all:

Lexus Prius

Thanks to CLF for the photos, and be sure to check out all of his TAS pics over at Flickr.


  1. RDS

    The last one is Prius + Lexus badge ... o.o
  2. ahhaha good stuff!
  4. California plate? what the?
  5. eh don't think its my cup of tea...
  6. I think the Prius would have made a better looking Lexus than the HS.