Lexus IS-F CCS-R Racing Concept at Tokyo Auto Salon

Lexus has unveiled the IS-F CCS-R racing concept at the 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon — here are some photos from Autoguide’s Colum Wood:

Lexus IS F CCS-R Racing Concept Side Profile
Lexus IS F CCS-R Racing Concept Rear

The IS-F CCS-R, or IS-F Circuit Club Sports Racer, is tuned for the track, with a gutted interior, a roll-cage, and plenty of carbon fiber, which was used for the front splitter, hood, trunk lid and the super-massive spoiler.

No details on availability or purpose just yet, but this is the second year in a row that Lexus has displayed a racing concept at TAS, which would indicate that a true IS-F race car is a distinct possibility.

Speedhunters also has a great shot of the CCS-R:

Lexus IS F CCS-R Racing Concept

Update: Here’s the some specs on the IS-F CCS-R, courtesy of Lexus Europe:

Lexus IS-F CCS-R Specs

[Source: AutoGuide & SpeedHunters]