2008 Lexus LFA Roadster Video

Hard to believe it’s been three years since the introduction of the Lexus LFA Roadster at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show — I watched the European launch video again today and just loved it:

How fantastic is that? Absolutely stunning.


  1. The LF-A Roaster Concept is very understated.
  2. So this video is a year old now?? I guess, there is no official confirmation that it will go into production??
  3. Cool video! There are parts of the old LFA style I miss but they made improvements in other areas that I like as well. This video reminds me of the current 'Tron Legacy' movie. 8-)
  4. LFA @ full throtle!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVQpIbGFF7U&feature=related
  5. I hope that when Lexus make the roadster version of its LFA down the road, it will keep that front bumper style. Look very menacing.
  6. And people wonder why i am SO OBSESSED with LEXUS. GD!!
  7. 05RollaXRS wrote:So this video is a year old now?? I guess, there is no official confirmation that it will go into production??
    This video is actually from March 2008, believe it or not! Just found it on Youtube yesterday, the original source was Lexus Europe, but the link is now dead.
  8. RDS

    The LF-A Prototype 2 & LF-A Roadster is having a very production-ish interior already , while the exterior is almost like take a production car & convert it into a concept car . Besides that , I realize Lexus called it as LF-A in prototype stage (the words that written on the number plate area) while change into LFA in production model .
  9. Ok LEXUS we are ready for full production of this baby----BRING IT ON ! MY DREAM IS FULL AVAILABILITY SO EVERYONE CAN HAVE ASHOT AT PURCHASE.
  10. They should bring this into production in 2014, with slightly more hp from the same engine, even more limited production number and call this the LFA-C;-)
  11. @Lexus Ben: And make it a smooth grand tourer by giving it a double-clutch transmission, too.
  12. Na, thats for the next gen SC Hybrid with the CVT and thats a smooth transmission. LOL@WorldofLuxury:
  13. @Lexus Ben: I'd wring out that the torque of the electric motors and give the CVT one heck of a work out :D Artificial shift points would be nice although that'll just ruin the CVT even more. aha