Lexus LFA Places Fourth in EVO Car of the Year

Lexus LFA EVO Car of the Year Cover

The Lexus LFA took part in EVO Magazine’s Car of the Year showdown, where it went up against the best and brightest of 2010, including the Ferrari 458 Italia, Mercedes SLS AMG & Porsche’s GT2 & 3 RS.

Lucky for us, someone over at German Car Forums has scanned and uploaded the entire article, which clocks in at a massive thirty-one pages. The praise heaped on the LFA is astounding, as is the supercar’s 4th place finish:

There is nothing in the world like the Lexus LFA. It is more special and intriguing than the 458 and demonstrates an extraordinary level of passion and commitment. Bespoke and limited edition, it is also a genuine supercar that can scare the pants off you.

This is mainly thanks to its extraordinary 552bhp 4.8-litre V10 engine that does everything a Carrera GT’s does and then goes mad as it closes in on 9000rpm. Its uncompromising ride adds to the challenge…we were beguiled.

“It’s a beautiful thing, all the details, and it has all the integrity and functionality of a Lexus. Feels like a step up from anything else here,” said Meaden. “Very, very special,” said Metcalfe. Thank you, Lexus.

And that’s just the final summary — here’s the full results:

Lexus LFA EVO Car of the Year Test

That the LFA places so highly in the final results is a real achievement, especially considering the company it’s keeping — very impressive results.

(The whole article is worth reading, you can view it at GCF or just download the whole thing here.)

[Source: German Car Forums] (Thanks 05RollaXRS!)