Lexus LFA Die-Cast Model by Auto Art

Lexus LFA Die-cast Model by Auto Art

As unbelievable as it may be, the image above is not actually the Lexus LFA, but a 1:18 scale die-cast model by Auto Art — here’s the proof, as I hope we never see an LFA in this position:

Lexus LFA Die-Cast Model by Auto Art on Side

The detail is exceptional:

Lexus LFA Die-Cast Model by Auto Art Opened up

Here’s the full gallery in high-resolution glory:

Although it would make a perfect Christmas present, the Auto Art is not yet released, but will retail for $163.95 USD when it goes on sale.

[Source: Autoart] (Thanks Jarrett!)


  1. I can not wait until it goes on sale. What great detail.
  2. Joe

    yeah it even has the weatherstripping at the door jams
  3. Thats funny, I was just at the local hotspot for car stuff asking about this hottie.
  4. I can finally say I own an LFA. lol.
  5. I am so buying one. I hope this aint limited to 500 :p
  6. AutoArt makes some nice diecast models. Looks great as expected and comes with a price tag. I'm looking forward to other diecast model manufacturers making LFA scale models as well.
  7. I want that car so bad!!!!!!!!
  8. does it come in different colours?
  9. There's so much detail in the wing alone! I just noticed that it could be retracted!
  10. That thing is going to look so amazing on my bookshelf next to the 1:18 Toyota 2000GT!
  11. JVX

    Great details. I've been looking for a model like this for quite a while. I'm getting one for sure when it's available.
  12. Eljay wrote:That thing is going to look so amazing on my bookshelf next to the 1:18 Toyota 2000GT!
    Insane combo! You're a lucky man.
  13. Evo magazine Car of the year. Lexus LFA placed 4th out of the top 10 best of the best. LFA completely destroyed the newly updated 2012 530 HP GTR 1 – Porsche GT3 RS 2 – Ferrari 458 Italia 3 – Porsche GT2 RS 4 – Lexus LFA 5 – SLS AMG 6 – Audi R8 V10 7 – Lotus Evora 8 – 2012 R35.2 GTR 9 – Lamborghini LP570-4 superleggera 9 – Ford Focus ST
  14. @RollaXRS: Thanks for this! Fantastic news for Lexus.
  15. I should hope the LFA completely destroyed the GTR. Not really much of a brag beating competition building and selling their product at a almost a quarter of your MSRP. That's the equivalent of bragging that the GTR completely destroyed the base model Camaro. :-D
  16. @Lexusluver: I agree. Apparently, GTR fanbois don't understand that. With this new updated version (and a 0 - 60 mph in 3.0 seconds), they were all over the internet pretending as if the new R35.2 GTR is the greatest thing to ever come out of Japan. LFA is indeed the best supercar ever to have come out of Japan simply because it is in a different league of engineering.
  17. @05RollaXRS: Oh I see. I read NAGTROC quite a bit and from what I've seen the majority of those guys have a healthy respect for the LFA. There is a small contingent of the typical "ZOMG it's overpriced!" types but you'll find those guys anywhere there is discussion of the LFA. To be fair if you took the difference in price between the two cars and put it into modding the GTR it would very likely outperform the LFA. But, and it's a very big but, from what I've read, I don't think any amount of money could be thrown at the GTR to help it give a driving experience anywhere near that of the LFA.
  18. @Lexusluver: Similarly, a WRX Subaru can be modified for less cost than a GTR and made much faster anywhere on the track. It is a complete lame excuse since the engineering LFA has and everything purpose built to enhance the driving experience and performance cannot simply be tacked on. That is the biggest thing Evo UK said of the Nissan GTR. The GTR does not have the novelty effect nor does it have the exciting and exhilarating driving experience. It also has a very heavy tendency to understeer thanks to 55% of the weight pinned to the front radiator. It also drives like a huge and big heavy car as well since it is 4000 lbs. They were underwhelmed by the new updated one saying in group of such strong competition, the GTR just falls pale.
  19. @05RollaXRS: Lame excuse? The GTR is about one quarter the price of the LFA. The only lame thing here is bragging about the LFA being rated higher than a car a quarter of its price by magazine writers. What's the excuse for that lameness?
  20. @Lexusluver: Yes, my friend's modded $32K 500 wheel HP Evo X with $18K in mods (full turbo back, full suspension, increased boost) is also one third the price of a $90K GTR even with mods on it is cheaper than a GTR and can destroy it around the race track easily. Point is a lame excuse and the wrong way to compare two cars. A car that is engineered to a much higher standard encompasses everything. Not just performance numbers on the paper. There are far too many variables that cannot be seen on paper. GTR even without much luxury still remains a big pig that drives like a huge and heavy massive car that weighs nearly 2-tons. No amount of modding can change that. A car that like LFA that is engineered to a much higher standard, which includes a V10 that weighs than a V6, a 70% carbon fiber chassis, an engine that revs up to 9500 rpm, engine sound, throttle response etc.
  21. It is like GTR fanbois have an excuse for everything. When the GTR wins against cars like the old 997.1 Porsche Turbo, it is "GTR destroys a car that is twice its price". And when a supercar comes along that hands the GTR its a** such as the 458 Italia, Lexus LFA, Porsche GT2 RS, Ferrari 599 GTO then the excuse turns to "oh these cars cost more than 3 times a GTR, what is there to brag about beating a car that is 1/3rd its price". That is a great way to not give its due to respect to simply superior engineering that is centered around building the most perfect supercar in every way. Not just performance numbers on paper.
  22. What "fanbois" are you talking about? The only person I see trying to compare apples to oranges and bragging about it is you.
  23. @Lexusluver: Well, then you have not been out much. There are shiploads of those all over lurking everywhere. Then again, I don't blame them when Nissan marketed the car on some factory times that never could be replicated and as a Porsche Turbo killer. What else can I say??
  24. I rest my case.
  25. Personally, I'm more impressed with the LFA placing ahead of the SLS, but this is way off-topic -- let's wait until the article shows up online and we'll go from there. :-)
  26. I would have one in lime green but yellow would have to do