Lexus LS 460 x Job Design Body Kit x VIP Modular Wheels

Stance Nation has posted photos of a super-fresh Lexus LS 460 decked out in a Job Design body kit and some 22″ VIP Modular wheels (click for larger images):

Lexus LS 460 Stance Nation

Lexus LS 460 Stance Nation Side Profile

Lexus LS 460 Stance Nation

The photos were taken by Jerry Troung from The Perfect Exposure blog, who did an excellent job — absolutely wild.

[Source: Stance Nation]


  1. Woow what a car, damn i wish i had so much money to buy one like dat grt
  2. It fascinates me how a stock LS looks very discretely handsome,and then with a few styling add-ons it looks so radical! Cool stuff!
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