Lexus to Join Australia’s V8 Supercars Racing Series?

Lexus IS F Entering V8 Supercars

Fans of the Australian V8 Supercar series may one day see a Lexus lined up beside the Holdens and Fords:

Toyota’s luxury brand Lexus could be on the V8 Supercar grid in 2012 under the category’s new Car of the Future rules, which aim to remove the stranglehold that Holden and Ford have on the series.

The boss of Lexus Australia, Tony Cramb, has confirmed to the Carsales Network that his company has had preliminary discussions about joining the series.

“We need to look at the technical regulations and see what the differences are before we go any further,” Cramb said.

When asked what body style Lexus would choose if it were to go V8 Supercar racing, Cramb said: “The IS-F would make a great V8 Supercar, wouldn’t it?”

It’s weird to think of V8 Supercars with different brands involved, though it would be a strong move for Lexus to be one of the first new manufacturers to join.

[Source: CarPoint via AutoGuide] (Thanks John!)