Lexus Gran Turismo 5 Car List

To say I’m excited about the upcoming release of Gran Turismo 5 would be an extreme understatement, and now these in-game screenshots of the Lexus LFA have me calculating the seconds until the game hits stores on November 24th:

Lexus in Gran Turismo 5 Bird's Eye

Lexus LFA in Gran Turismo 5 Front

Lexus LFA in Gran Turismo 5 Fire

Lexus LFA in Gran Turismo 5 Rear

The LFA isn’t the only Lexus available in GT5, here’s the full list of the eighteen (!!!) included cars:

  • P Lexus ENEOS SC430 (SUPER GT) ’08
  • S Lexus GS 300 ’91
  • S Lexus GS 300 ’00
  • S Lexus GS 300 Vertex Edition (J) ’00
  • S Lexus IS 200 ’98
  • S Lexus IS 200 (J) ’98
  • S Lexus IS 200 GT-1 Race Car ’04
  • S Lexus IS 300 Sport Cross ’01
  • P Lexus IS F ’07
  • P Lexus IS F RM ’07
  • P Lexus IS F Racing Concept ’08
  • P Lexus LFA ’10
  • P Lexus PETRONAS TOM’S SC430 (SUPER GT) ’08
  • S Lexus SC 300 ’97
  • S Lexus SC 430 (EU) ’01
  • S Lexus SC 430 (US) ’01

From my understanding, the S stands for Standard and the P is for Premium — the difference being that Premium cars have cockpit views, high and low beam headlights, & seperation of body panels during crashes. Standard cars have lights and damage but not to the same extent.

(Thanks to Jhonatan for the images and Eurogamer for the car list!)


  1. WOW! WHAT A LIST! And wow... I don't think those pictures are the best examples to show off realness, but one characteristic that is very apparent is how solid the LFA looks! You can literally amaze yourself with the unusual features of carbon fiber - smooth and solid like polished marble but as light as a leather. Forza... is fun, but the cars are sometimes too "plasticy".
  2. @WorldofLuxury: I agree, the LFA in GT5 loos so much better than what Forza has. Hopefully GT5 will make the LFA roar instead of scream in Forza.
  3. Ya know, I only bought shift after I saw it had in the LFA. Going to enjoy driving it on limitless roads in GT5
  4. I do think Forza still does have a ton of detail, but I do agree it does look plastic-ish in Forza. The thing I like about Forza is that it has cars I want and customization. I always liked how Gran Turismo looks super photo-realistic though.
  5. Wunko wrote:I always liked how Gran Turismo looks super photo-realistic though.
    I'm just excited because GT5 was the reason I bought a PS3 instead of a 360. Dreams do come true!
  6. The flames look SICK!!! That will become my wallpaper.
  7. No ISx50 or 3gs??
  8. RDS

    A big YAY for Lexus ... :)
  9. Well, as the owner of an IS300 sedan, I'm not happy at all! Hopefully I can drop the I6 into an IS200...
  10. Forza 3 is a superior product to GT5 in terms of both playability and graphics.
  11. @Alicia: YEA and Micheal Jordan was the worst NBA player of all time..
  12. ONLY 18 ??? What about the LS Sport.. IS350 F-Sport.. Es...