Lexus CT 200h F-Sport Video

By way of Car@Nifty, here we have the very first video of the Lexus CT 200h F-Sport in (super slow) motion:

Also posted was a video of the Japanese CT press presentation, which didn’t have much that we haven’t seen before, but did include this slide on the available CT wheels in Japan:

Lexus CT 200h Japanese Wheel Options

Interesting to see that the CT 200h will have 15″ wheel aero covers similar to the Prius that are said to improve fuel economy — I wonder what the MPG would be with the smaller wheels?


  1. kind of odd to see it in Cerulean Blue...I saw it in person and drove it in New Jersey. I saw Daybreak Yellow, Obsidian, Tungsten and Matador Red. This CT200 is impressive for what its trying to accomplish. Very stylish, fun to drive...I loved how the instrument cluster changes to red and displays a Tachometer when you switch to power mode...This vehicle will definitely be popular
  2. RDS

    Only the Daybreak Yellow CT200h have different bumpers , the other is only have other kind of option . Btw , I think smaller wheel not only improve MPG but also improve ride quality .
  3. @lexusjoe: does the revs hold when u lift off the throttle like a normal gasoline car... or its like the prius, it just shuts off the gas and into regenrative braking? would be scary and a bit out-of-thrills to see the tacho back to 0 zero when u slow down or brake for your favourite 2nd gear corner :P
  4. @jungle-rx: hmm... doing it like the prius would be nice because that'll be like a real car doing engine braking aha And then we can immediately stomp on the pedal and make the tires squeal!!!
  5. IMO the 16" design looks the best.
  6. As far as sytle, I like the 15", then the 16" and the 17" last, To bad the 15"s re only covers and only 15". As for the 17", I just don't like wheels that have twisting pretenses.
  7. Apparently the CT200h is rated [1] at 87g CO2/km in the EU cycle. This is 2 grams _less_ than the Prius. They don't give any sources, but interesting nonetheless. Probably with 15" wheels though. 1)