Auto Express Parallel Parks the Lexus LFA

Here’s a fun review of the Lexus LFA from Auto Express that even includes a spot of parallel parking:

By now, we’re all fairly used to seeing the LFA in high-performance mode, so these reviews that have a touch of the real world are enjoyable in their rareness — can hardly blame the reviewer for heading to the track, though.


  1. Absolutely glowing review. He really nailed it about what this car is supposed to do, which is to change your expectations of what a Lexus is
  2. That whole video can be endorsed by Lexus as an infomercial
  3. RDS

    That's why I like Lexus LFA , slow & steady on Town , fast & crazy on Track !
  4. I got to see the yellow LFA for the first time today and I was amazed. The sound that it makes just send chills down your spine. I found myself sitting in the driver's seat revving it up repeatedly. :) It is interesting to note that it has a child-seat anchor behind the passenger seat and that the rear class opens to a small trunk with a cargo cover (although the batter takes up some of the precious room)
  5. Child-seat in an LFA?! Sounds like being taken to the day care center could turn out a bit too exciting for junior...
  6. Wow... I can't believe this review at all. Cause I've never heard anyone praises the LFA that much ever. Every other magazne always seems to dawn on how lack of super car heritage it has. and how steep the price is blah blah blah....... Great... I'll definately pay more attention to Auto Express from now on.
  7. @Lexus Ben: This guy appreciates driving Lexus' first, true supercar. As a result, he won't have to kill himself in the future when Lexus gains the pedigree. :-D
  8. Great review indeed!To a large extent due to the delightful lack of chauvinism. It's funny that it still gets to me after so many years,but I too get annoyed beyond description with auto journalists time and time again displaying that extremely common attitude that "I don't know anything about Japanese automotive traditions and heritage,so obviously they have non." How diabolically arrogant! I don't know anything about modern physics,but you don't hear me dismissing Albert Einstein as some wild-haired fellow who when pressed could do a decent Gene Simmons impression?
  9. He said EPIC. All that needs to be said. The LFA is prue win... who ever thinks other wise isn't a car enthusiast. Its a drivable wet dream. When he was in the cabin and made us listen to the engine from inside... good lord that sound...