The Golden Lexus LS 460

Earlier this year, we saw a chrome-wrapped Lexus LS 460 from Kuwait, and now here’s a golden edition from the very same country Abu Dhabi:

Even if I could understand the desire to metallic-wrap a vehicle, I think the LS would be my very last pick for the process.

Update: A friend of this car’s owner, Ahmad, has let us know that this LS is no longer gold, but now a fantastic blue:

Blue Lexus LS 460

Blue Lexus LS 460


  1. I like it :P It's like the mirror finish of a black LS, only that it's golden.
  2. Hi, This lexus ls 460 is really nice. The owner of this car is my friend. This car is from U.A.E - Abu Dhabi and not from Kuwait. you can see the Abu Dhabi plate number ^__^ The owner of this car change his car color. His car now with a shiny Blue. 8-)
  3. Any pictures of the shiny blue??
  4. BOSS, this is 3 photos for his car in the shiny blue : first 2 photos are not much clear coz of dark ^_^ this photo is little bit clear .. you can see the LS460 in the back : I dont have new photos for his car .. his car now with a 22 inch wheels ^__^ I have also LS460 but there is nothing spacial in my car :P
  5. @Ahmad: Wow, that blue is fantastic! :-o
  6. @Ahmad: BTW, thanks for the country correction, Ahmad -- I've updated the post.
  7. I like the blue!
  8. krew wrote:@Ahmad: BTW, thanks for the country correction, Ahmad — I’ve updated the post.
    U R welcome ^__^ i will try to post some new photos :) for this LS ( with 22 inch wheels ) :)
  9. @Ahmad: Wow. That's myt favorite Lexus color. And on the LS. Rawr.
  10. kuwait UAE FTW