Top Gear Magazine Supercar Showdown

Lexus LFA Top Gear Supercar Comparison

Last month, a video showed up on Youtube showing a Lexus LFA, Mercedes SLS, Porsche GT3 RS, Lamborghini LP 570-4 Superleggera, and Ferrari 458 all parked on the side of a UK road — turns out this was the work of Top Gear Magazine, who pulled the “five greatest supercars of the year” together for a showdown.

Alas, the article has yet to appear online, but according to the preview on the Top Gear website, The Stig puts each of the supercars through its paces — which should make the comparison all the more interesting. Hopefully it surfaces somewhere…

[Source: Top Gear Magazine] (Thanks Jhonatan!)


  1. Dang! It's really hard to find a Top Gear Magazine in a Borders or Barnes & Nobels here, and during that one time I did, it was wrapped in plastic with a sticker price three times that of other car magazines. If it were the most recent one, I would've bought it, but it wasn't. I guess I should've considered myself lucky that it was still there... or did someone order it late and the shipping took forever?
  2. @WorldofLuxury: Top Gear Magazine's US version is delayed by nearly a month compared to the UK edition, so we'll have to rely on someone over the pond to get us the scans.
  3. @Eric: yeah... That's why they're never worth buying. I'd know everything they're gonna say by the time we get it stateside.
  4. AutoZeitung slsl amg vs lfa : Start/Ziel Sektor: Lexus LFA 21,85 sec - Mercedes SLS AMG 21,34 sec. English: Start / Target sector: Lexus LFA 21.85 sec - 21.34 sec AMG Mercedes SLS Highspeed Sektor: Lexus LFA 37,96 sec - Mercedes SLS AMG 38,68 sec. English: Highspeed Sector: Lexus LFA 37.96 sec - 38.68 sec AMG Mercedes SLS Dynamik Sektor: Lexus LFA 35,85 sec - Mercedes SLS AMG 37,48 sec. English: Dynamic Sector: Lexus LFA 35.85 sec - 37.48 sec AMG Mercedes SLS RUNDENZEITEN: Lexus LFA 1:35,66 min - Mercedes SLS AMG 1:37,50 min. Engish: LAP: Lexus LFA 1:35,66 min - Mercedes AMG SLS 1:37,50 min
  6. Just imagine the sound of those cars all doing a fly by together... Automotive goodness.
  7. i read skimmed through this and i was disappointed that the LFA was again tested in wet weather. the porsche and merc did the track on whatever track they did around 1:21 the LFA was in the 1:22 and the ferrari in the 1:19. They also said the Stig really likes the LFA.
  8. It's hilarious the Top Gear guys tested LFA in wet weather, twice in a row. If they cannot get rain, they're likely to bring along a fire truck to wet the tracks, just for LFA. They are clearly terrified of showing the world the truth, that LFA would beat all the other European supercars in a fairly conducted performance test. Btw, the car they should be testing in wet weather is the too-hot Ferrari 458 Italia, ten of which were destroyed in rear-wheel fires (several postings on Youtube on this topic) and Ferrari is investigating.
  9. @Greg: That is not true. Yeah, I know LFA will stupid fast around the TopGear and it looks suspicious two wet laps in a row. The first one was soaking wet and still LFA got 1:22 in very lap and according to Clarkson "Stig gingerly modulating the throttle". Maybe, they don't want to piss off their European fans who would hate to see LFA beating every European supercar on the board. Having said that, they clearly said LFA was the Stig's most favorite car. He praised everything about it. Power, speed, handling, grip. He liked it over all the other four cars. The whole review is oozing praises for the LFA so that says something.